Tokyo Olympics 2020 eerrrrr 2021.

The 13 year old British skateboarder grabs Bronze. Fair does but the fact that a 12 year old Japanese toddler got Silver you do think this sport should stay in the Youth Games. Sky Brown's first language is Japanese which is handy out there but one thing my daughter highlighted to me was that she was very badly injured last year in training and has only just returned to the sport.

In the fall she fractured her skull, broke her left arm and wrist and suffered lacerations to her heart and lungs. She also fell before her Olympic qualifier and broke her arm, but came first while wearing a protective cast.
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One last Sky Brown vid, here with THE legendary Tony Hawk & her younger brother Ocean going on a horrific tube jump thing.

These street sports are utterly beautiful not only to watch but in which it gives kids full on confidence, just glorious.

Good luck Sky
I'll give her her due, she's got more bottle than I did at her age, I just about mastered getting on the board and doing slalom or doing 360 tail spins.
Three more GB medals following on from the skateboarding. Gold, silver and bronze:

Sailing - GOLD
Hannah Mills became the most successful female Olympic sailor of all time as she grabbed 470 gold alongside Eilidh McIntyre. Mills becomes most successful female sailor in Olympic history

Team France put in a protest, accusing GB of collaborating with Poland to let them get silver but this was dismissed by officials.

Boxing - SILVER

Light heavyweight fighter Whittaker wins Team GB's fourth boxing medal

Boxing - BRONZE
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What a difference between the two boxers earlier this morning, one stopped for a cut and the other well beaten. What one was the most gracious in defeat: The one with the cut.


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The sport climbing has got a bit more interesting now, it's the female rounds :mrgreen:


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The GB entry for the climbing
Oh dear, a re-education camp in some unknown corner of China awaits and in the meantime the next child prodigies will be brought out and put into the limelight.
Has echoes of the Russians and East Germans
So pleased to hear the Italians grabbed the Gold Medal in the Men’s Cycling Team Pursuit from the graceless Danes, who should have been disqualified yesterday imho.
KJT out, injury in 200m.

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