Token Gesture

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Unknown_Quantity, Sep 24, 2004.

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  1. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    For the first time that I can remember the Muslim Council of Britain is making some kind of effort to improve their standing in this country. I hope this is a change in direction and that they are moving away from their past tactics of "say nothing and nobody will notice".

    Despite my doubts and scepticism, good luck to them.
  2. 12 hours to complain about Cat Stevens aka Youssef Islam not getting into Spamsville

    How long to make a statement condemning the hostage taking in Iraq of Mr Bigley and then it was with the caveat that the Invasion was wrong etc?

    Too little too late.
  3. it may be a little late in coming, but i'm glad at least it has happened. better late than never, and hopefully they'll not be too late to help in some way. on a similar note, it was nice to see the muslim community in liverpool decrying whats happening rather than standing back and saying nothing.
    while i don't agree in pandering to the terrorists demands, i truly hope that ken bigleys life will be saved. but more than that, i wish, that more muslims would show their disgust at what is happening in their name.
  4. I was also truly glad to see the Muslim council do something at last. I hate to sound cynical here, but it may be because of possible backlash to the first Brit hostage being killed :?

    I would like to see them become more active in denouncing violence from AQ etc, it will show a willingness of them to try and assimilate themselves into the greater community...........perhaps?
  5. Trouble is, Dui-Lai, they don't want to 'assimilate'. They want to have their own society, separated from what they see as the contaminating influence of non-Muslims. But it is a major step forward to have them decry Zarqawi's terrorism, even if it is a self-defence measure.

    You've only to look at the UK's major ethnic community centres to see how Islam predominates at the expense of everyone else. How many Chinese or Sikh members on community councils? Very few. The Muslims muscle in and squeeze other minorities out. They'll also argue black is white to skirt around direct criticism of a fellow-Muslim.
  6. Publicity stunt.

    If, and I hope they do, they come back with Ken, this will have been sorted before they left the UK, IMO.

    <edited to add> Now we know why they are doing this: The Express has an article where muslims here in the UK want Ken exchanged for Abu Hamza, the tosser muslim pig that preaches hate towards the west.

    Shows how a muslim NEVER does anything for a non muslim unless there is something for themselves.
  7. Deleted for inaccuracies ,sweeping generalisations and inappropriate statements.


    Yes, Imguilty of having an opinion about our Muslim brothers that does not fit in with the New Labour lefties loonies.

    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  8. So these british muslims are they bothered about the 2 itailian female aid workers that have been NO, are they bothered about the 2 Americans that were beheaded NO, were they bothered about the 12 Nepalese murdered NO

    Ah Islam such a peaceful tolerant bunch...
  9. Totally agree with DL and the Armourer. The British (why do we call them that when they don't want to be British?......well, not unless it profits them to be so anyway) Muslims are worried about a backlash.

    So they should be. They have done b*gger all to denounce terrorism. Now there can only be three reasons for that:

    a. They don't give a fcuk about any of it.
    b. They support it.
    c. They are too scared to stand up to these people.

    I'm glad Cat Stevens got the bums rush from the SPAMS. If he'd have stayed C of E, he'd be necking tall glasses of Jack D and eating hot dawgz right now.

    See, being a Muslim ain't all its cracked up to be. You can't take your kids to Disney Land for one thing.

  10. Which is the only reason to visit spamville anyway, believe me i used to live there :twisted:
  11. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not an apologist for the nutters who choose to saw peoples head off with 6 in kitchen knives; but this rabid, bitter anti-islam sh1te doesn't help anyone. If you want to vote BNP then go ahead, but if you have a head on your shoulders then consider how these people must feel living amongst our community with all that stuff going on. Before you cast wide the generalist net just convince yourself that everyone you tar with the brush deserves it - I know enough WASPS that i would happily see burnt alive (Hoon....) to think twice about drawing religious lines in the sand. Do so and you add petrol to the fundamentalist fire, just what they want.
  12. Token gesture or not

    At least somone is doing something. I just hope Ken hasn't been dead for some time ,and the only reason it's been kept quiet, is they are mindful of the wrath Muslims here will inevitably suffer. French headscarves anyone?

    I'm sure Ken's familiy don't regard it as a token gesture , it's the last best move.

    If they can get him out ,then it's a result. But I still fear the worst , especially as the Cousins have been indulging in a spot of urban renewal in fallujah this past week.

    But sure as eggs , someone in the UK Islamic community, has a hotline to these Bastards
  13. Yes you are

    Well, I'd rather consider how Ken is and how his family are feeling.

    So because I find Islam an intolerant and violent religion you assume I must vote BNP :roll:
  14. Nil in the way of condemnation for hostage taking is fact. Likewise, the swiftness with which a condemnation for the refusal of entry to the US is on record.

    Then 'They' should be more vocal in matters that are of major concern to the majority. 'They' also do themselves no favours at all when they add Caveats of a Political nature to statements issued. I do not wish to vote BNP yet it is not unreasonable to say that a lot of people might feel they would want to do so. As for how they feel...........perhaps you might take a trip to Basra at the moment and ask the Christians or perhaps you could go somewhere safer like Egypt, Syria or Saudi Arabia?

    What utter tosh.......................