Toilet sex attack soldier jailed

At least somebody lifted the lid on the whole sorry affair.
I hope it doesn't start a chain reaction
This smells of a 'Dear John'.
Hmmmm...i do hope he likes to 'receive' as well! He's going to be terribly popular...all brown eyes, dusky skin and big muscles (yes i KNOW its a generalisation)! He'll be Big Pete's bitch by tomorrow morning with a bum you could drive a bus into!!
It gives a totally different meaning to 'convenience foods'.
mick4075 said:
I can't believe that none of you picked up on '...the deep seated effect...'
We did but the Mods got there first. :roll:
Tubbyboy said:
Apologies if this has been done but I did search.

BBC News

Sentencing Tavai, judge Roger Craik QC said his behaviour had left a "deep seated effect" on his 24-year-old victim.
Unfortunate turn of phrase there...

I refer the honorable poster to the OP :D
I blame the cistern.

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