Toilet sex attack soldier jailed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tubbyboy, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. Apologies if this has been done but I did search.

    BBC News

    Unfortunate turn of phrase there...

  2. At least somebody lifted the lid on the whole sorry affair.
  3. I hope the MOD's dont flush this post
  4. It's only going to go down the pan from here.
  5. 2 Years for that a normal sentence?

    Thought it would be longer.
  6. I'm washing my hands of this post.
  7. I hope it doesn't start a chain reaction
  8. To the hole......oops too late :oops:
  9. This smells of a 'Dear John'.
  10. Hmmmm...i do hope he likes to 'receive' as well! He's going to be terribly popular...all brown eyes, dusky skin and big muscles (yes i KNOW its a generalisation)! He'll be Big Pete's bitch by tomorrow morning with a bum you could drive a bus into!!
  11. It gives a totally different meaning to 'convenience foods'.
  12. I can't believe that none of you picked up on '...the deep seated effect...'

    Even Judges have a pun button!
  13. We did but the Mods got there first. :roll:
  14. I refer the honorable poster to the OP :D
  15. His defence said it was a bum rap