Together we can reclaim the streets

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. Together we can reclaim the streets
    Daily Telegraph
    Common sense from Boris (nothing to do with the fact he's considering running for Mayor of London :D )
  2. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    "And when the police arrived, whose side do you think they were on? They didn't even tick off the boys, but warned Lord Phillips that he was wrong to try to exercise any authority himself. As a police spokeswoman said: "Members of the public should always have a regard for their own personal safety and our advice is to call the police immediately."

    Of course, the police would rush out to deal with a group of children like this. If Lord Phillips had called the police a civilian worker would have given him a reference number "for insurance purposes" and that would be it.
  3. Sums up the shambles Bliar, aided and abetted by Brown, has led this country to. Sums up the sorry state Bliar, aided and abetted by Brown, has reduced the police to.

    Tough on crime; tough on the causes of crime.

    One of many worthless, hollow, deceptive statements made by the discredited and fatuous little spiv Bliar.

    The other:

    Education; education; education.
  4. Surprise, surprise - another example of the Police acting as the pramilitary wing of New Labour.

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  5. Come on chaps, be fair. Brown has his finger on the pulse. He was able to send congratulations to an athlete who won a race within hours of the finish. (It was on this morning's news)
    Someone also told him that they think the army are doing something somewhere but that's not really important.
  6. Anybody think that the police are getting scared that its all going to kick off shortly and that people are getting p1ssed off with this continual degeneration?
  7. Anyone checking out the daily express today? (I know, i'm scum...), page 11. Good article about the way policing used to be. A sample...

    It seems that police nowadays are more concerned with diversity awareness courses, trying to look cool through skateboarding, and to not offend anybody rather than police.

    Another exerpt:

    Sums up my opinions neatly. Anyone else think that Dick Kirby of the Express should be the Arrse Political Party Social Adviser? :wink:
  8. Call the police - you are having a laugh. Where I live there is a Police "Office" (not a station anymore) After 1530, it closes to the public. I can imagine the laughter if I rang to complain about kids riding bikes on the pavement. Overhearing homophobic banter would result in an Armed Response Unit and a helicopter, of course.

    I dont blame the coppers - just the way they are being led.
  9. Lord Phillips made the obvious mistake of assuming the police have some kind of authority in this situation.

    People have to realise that the police are not capable of deciding to charge anyone (The CPS do that) and unless the accused says 'Yes officer, it was me, its a fair cop' that just isn't going to happen.

    He should of tripped one of the kids over and 'accidentally' stamped on his hand, worst case is kid goes to police, police take statements, pass to CPS, CPS say no further action (Your word against his).

    Whats the problem?
  10. You're not allowed to call them 'civilian' workers. It's 'Support Staff'.
  11. Lord Philips is a well known barrister and judge so he knew what he was doing and certainly wouldn't have been too worried about what the police said. He used to be the "Leagle Eagle" on the Jimmy Young show on Radio 2 and spoke great common sense. Well done M'Lud.
  12. I do. It's not just their management. The newer breed are more PC than PC if you follow me. The attitudes of some of them (just look at some of them who post here) is sh*te. They complain about being swamped and diluted by 'support staff', but someone has to do the job. Half of the coppers I've encountered can't be arrsed most of the time. And that's not a new phenomena. It's convenient to blame the management as it takes the eye off the real problem. They want more money? Start earning it then.
  13. Were I the policemen (I have no-where near enough patience or restraint to be one), I would have taken the boy's name and address, escorted him home and briefed his parents on the situation. I would advise them them that Lord Phillips' actions do not constitute assault and that, whilst the boy may not have broken the law, they might want to brief said child on proper behaviour before he ends up smoking crystal meth and selling blow jobs for a fiver down at the local bus station.
  14. Chr1st talk about inflation :twisted: On a more serious note, do you think talking to the parents would ahve done any good - the little chave didn't end up that way because of responsible parenting - they probably need a kicking more than the little scrote.