Toe-Rag Gets It

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Johnny_Ludlow, Oct 26, 2004.

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  1. I agree! Glad to see the American influence hasn't spread throughout our entire country!
  2. The second any of these cnuts puts a leg over my windowsill is a clear indication, to me, that they are volunteering for a close and intimate meeting with my Kukhri collection.

    Good drills that bloke.
  3. I can't believe that a high court judge had such a dose of common sense!

    He must have been at the Port at luncheon.

    Shame that teacher in Chiswick didn't have a 12 guage waiting for the scum who broke in his house any knifed him.
  4. Quite agree. reckon he should be in Number Ten
  5. With luck this will set a precedent.

    Someone give that judge a peerage!
  6. RESULT!

    downside - this farmer is now a marked man by the criminal fraternity in Derby!

    oh, and some smartasrse lawyer will most likely try and get the chav off saying his "human rights" have been violated.
  7. Good point about the litigation but I was under the impression that the americans could do pretty much what they wanted on their own property...
  8. I have my friend louise to help me....louise is my favourite axe, the one with the pretty red handle and she is the sharpest of sharp things....I have pointy sticks as well...would you like to see them ?
  9. Unlucky for Mr Symonds that he didn't have the means to blow the f$$ker away, and now has been murdered. Top drills to Mr Faulkner and his 12 bore. But may I suggest some shooting lessons to finish the chav scum off. Chav scum boy will now learn more ways in prison in which to "earn" a living!
    Who'll be the next poor c**t? :evil:
  10. Pity it was only flesh wounds, better luck next time, and bloody good for the judge!
  11. An Englishman's home is his castle. Whilst I have no boiling oil, archers etc. I do have a convenient baseball bat. I think this case overtakes the Tony Martin judgement and effectively says 'Burglars/Chavs/Pikeys beware!!!' 8)
  12. A Kukhri is good, but a nine millimeter, or a twelve gauge, is better.
  13. Not for good old fashioned blood-letting they're not! :lol: