toe nail removed need advice

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by tommy1990, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. had my big toe nail removed 4th march, i went to the dressing clinic 2 days after the operation and it looked like there was a toe nail still on the toe but the nurse said there wasnt but when i went to the dressing clinic today the nurse said there was a nail on there but the nail bed has been killed and the nail isnt attached to the toe (its on top like a hat...) has anyone had this happen before? or no why they left the nail? im cofused because i had my other big toe nail removed last year and they didnt leave a toe nail behind.
  2. Should of learnt how to cut your nails in the first place....grotbags!
  3. Ask your doctor
  4. it ok now found out it was a peice of crusty bandage
  5. Ingrowing toe nails can be heredity (sp?). My dad had both his done and i've had one done.
  6. Aww.. did it hurt?
  7. My big toe nails cut into my toes sometimes when they grow quite big.
    It gets really painful and it looks a little different from normal but whenever it starts to hurt - I just find a small pack of tissues - stick the whole pack in my mouth and cut it out Rambo style with some nail clippers. Once the pressure on the skin is relieved a little, it goes back to normal and its about 2 months before I have to repeat the process.

    I don't know much about nail removal, but I think I prefer my method even though it hurts.
  8. Cut your toe nails properly and more often.
  9. I had five toe nails removed in one go ... hurt like fcuk

  10. i had me big ones removed cos i hurt them in rugby.. never wear football boots ;)
  11. ... oh, and the toes, foot and ankle 8)
  12. i've had both removed for 8yrs now and it seems like thick layer skin under. funny to feel and hurt in footy boots! no real probs though!
  13. healing good now thank god can start training too lose me puppy fat :D...
  14. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    How kind and thoughtful your response was. I take it you are cogniscent of all of the facts in this case?

    I once lost a toenail in a game of soccer (sorry but where I live "football" doesn't mean what you think it does). Opposing player landed on my foot, broke the toenail below the quick and I was left in agony and blood everywhere, and later with effectively two nails growing in the same bed. The top nail was severed but had to be pushed out by the new nail. Hurt like fcuk while it went on, but once it had gone the new nail was as good as it gets.