Toe less friend re opened

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by fighting_for_the_wee_man, Feb 15, 2010.

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  1. Grizzly panda you arrogant bastard for your information I was in the REME and done telic's 5 and 11, and its a family member I was enquiring about whom is just comming 17 and was thinking about joining, but seeing your pig headed posts just enforced all the reasons why i choice to leave the forces, let me guess your probably a 20 year full screw or something along that lines with no future to speak of !!!!!
  2. So you throw your teddy out the pram over being told the truth of the matter.
    You were informed by the ACIO that he was unfit for service, end of. If he really wanted to try blagging around it, he could have asked himself - although again that takes the aforementioned point out of account. If anything you should bloody know better 8O
  3. arrrr why the attack on grizzly? his no bollocks straight talk aproach gets me wet. </3
  4. edit: i did say no B0LL0CKS not balls.
  5. 8) Thank you orginal phanton made me smile, no i just cant be arsed with answers that try to undermine I asked a simple question and did not need some jumped up little shit trying to make some type of mockery out of it, telling me a toe was a biomechanical part did not even come close to answering the question i had asked, so thank you once again for everybody what give me a proper answer to the question, and VM's rule the world :D
  6. Not meaning to go off topic but.......I can't help but laugh at the title of this thread!
    All of this slagging could have been avoided if 'fighting for the wee man' had actually used the search function! The good shout by the original phantom to use the JSP medical thread sticky, would have given him the answer! Plus the fact the toeless wonder had been down the ACFO and been turned away maybe should have told him something.
    I mean the guys down there do actually know what they are talking about FFS, and trying to get answers on a RUMOUR site via the back door is only asking for trouble with an attitude like his!!

    Just my tuppence worth likes! ;)
  7. To put it even more succinctly than I did, have a biscuit.

    Wee. You got your simple answer to your simple question at the ACIO, you were the silly bastard to ignore it then come on here and not even bother to do the legwork before asking the obvious once again - and whining that it doesn't affect him etc etc. What happened for you to be let in in the first place to be in a position to leave I'll never know.
  8. The semantics or whatever it is called of your post would point towards english not being your first language. If it is your first language then I am surprised you can tie your shoe laces in the morning without using a lump hammer.
  9. some fake ones perhaps

  10. They look fekin' awesome!! Could cut about the place climbing walls and such like some sort of human gecko!! :D
  11. English could just be he first language, davy. His downfall, however, might be that he is a VM reject.
  12. LMAO get him a pair in flesh colour! theyl never know! SORTED
  13. I bet in 100 years time on Op Herrick 112 or something, those shoes will be standard issue. Along with jetpacks.
  14. are they a key component to piloting a jetpack?