Toe in the water!

This charity is about a year old and until last week I'd never heard of it. We raced against British Soldier last week at the Royal Dartmouth Regatta. The boat did really well considering and it was great to see Dee Caffari in the cockpit trimming for them!

Keep up the good work!
Thought I'd follow up on this as I was over in Cowes this weekend for the start of Cowes week which runs until Friday.

Toe in the Water is this years official sponsored charity from the organisers of the regatta. The tri-service initiative TOE IN THE WATER (TITW) aims to inspire the men and women who have sustained often traumatic injuries, including the loss of limbs, to move beyond their disability and to become re-inspired by life.

Needless to say that is a huge thing for both the charity's profile and for the amount of money being picked up by the guys with buckets on the front should be pretty substantial.

Toe in the Water celebrating third birthday at Cowes Week - Yachts and Yachting Online

The link above gives you a flavour. If there is anyone planning to visit the Island this week, the evening piss ups and live bands are great and there are a couple of events that you can attend - all of which will help the Toe in the Water coffers.
Mrs Z Tidall is racing against Young Luke from Star Wars for £10k
It must be correct as it was in The Daily Mail!
Cheap Seat,
Well done for picking up on this and TITW in particular. I've always felt rather sad that my original post didn't generate any interest. I raced alongside a couple of Toe boats in Plymouth last month - bloody humbling seeing those on board cutting about on the water and always good for a chinwag in the bar afterwards. Sadly can't make Cowes this year.

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