Toe in The Water Charity push...

Monarch airlines have come up with an innovative way to raise money for the tri-service initiative Toe in The Water...

If you don't know TITW uses competitive sailing to re-inspire service personnel who have sustained injuries to move beyond their disability. Sailing is a physically and mentally arduous sport which challenges them beyond their expectations

This year the Monarch Foundation is supporting Toe in the Water as part of a recently announced charity partnership.

To launch this initiative, Monarch is running a competition to name one of a fleet of newly delivered Airbus aircraft. The competition is open to anyone who can think of an appropriate name that will be applied to the aircraft beneath the cockpit window that will be seen by thousands of people as the aircraft operates the busy Monarch network during 2013. Example names might be Sir Lunch A Lot, Queen of the Exchange, etc.

In return for a donation to Toe in the Water of £10 or more, Monarch will randomly draw 20 entries from which the winner will be chosen in August. If you are the lucky winner you will see your name unveiled along with Toe in the Water and take to the skies!

To add your chosen aircraft name, in the final step of the donation process, you'll have the opportunity to personalise your donation with a message so just add your name at this point. You can also hide the amount you are donating if you wish

Phillip Cox is fundraising for Toe in the Water
I'll be donating plenty at the bar next week. Hopefully there will be some wind for some decent racing. For those of you not familiar with TITW , they are a cracking little charity that make a difference to those involved.

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