Toe and Heel clips for ammo boots/parade shoes

Any one know where i can get a set, i've got all the studs, just need the toe and heel clips. Cheers
I asked at the cobblers down the road that deal with the Armoured Centre in Bovvy and he said he'd have to order them in, just thought i'd pre-empt, if i don't get any joy by the time me shoes get here, then i'll let him order them, so cheers
To digress a little, there's a town in Snowdonia called Blaenau Ffestiniog. As you approach coming down hill theres a small mound that you wouldn't hardly notice but it's where they BURNT all the old ammo boots form around WW1 & WW2 vintage.
There are literally 1000's of these there I picked up one a few months ago, chucked it in a sandblaster even had the old fashion nails still with it.
No use to anyone else but just made me think about it. It now hangs on the wall of my S**D.

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