Toddlers litter fine apology

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Lucky_Jim, May 17, 2007.

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  1. Is this a rare outbreak of common sense?

    Link to story here
  2. Hah, I just read this in the Sun, how ridiculous are some people?? Bloody jobsworth.
  3. What a total waste of time and resources - again!!! Alas not surprising and it won't be the last case of this sort. :x

  4. The government did say it was getting tough on crime why should this toddler get off with this hideous crime :twisted:


    ok a quick reality check if it had been a knife weilding Chav the council would of sent them on an all expenses paid holiday :x
  5. Imagine the fine if the child had upchucked the potato chips rather than dropping them...

    These council wardens... are they payed representatives of the town and what sort of training and experience are they required to have?
  6. Lucky there was no armed Police about !
  7. About the same as most city cops in the States...yes worrying.
  8. Eh? That is a huge swath of territory my friend... some communities here have razor sharp LE personnel and others have individuals who couldn't pass the entrance qualifications to be a security gaurd in the next city over... luckily my own town has some decent folks... then again, when we were house hunting that was one of my criteria.
  9. He should have been sent to a home.
    Today its crisps, tomorrow it'll be nub ends, then it'll be 9mm brass spewing out of his recently aquired fashion accessory, the Uzi.

    Discipline them young.

    What a ridiculous state of affairs
  10. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    To be honest I have no idea about the legal standing of a toddler, but it is not really relevant in this case:

    It may seem petty, but being a crusty old bugger brought up in the sticks and now living in London, littering really gets my goat.

    I do love the expression on people's faces when you pick up a piece of litter that they have discarded and say politely;

    Excuse me, but I think that you might have dropped this.

    (Mind you it depends upon which area you are in, in London- in some places that would be tantamount to suicide!!)
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The dirty, low-down, litter dropping, mucky biatch! What a disgusting example to make for your own small child. Leaving dirt on the streets, kicking it into the gutter where I'm sure rats will eat it and continue to thrive, dirtying the place up, and all whilst the poor mite cries is little heart out because he's lost his crisps. Not to mention the fact that he's seeing his degraded parent having a stand up row in the street with an officer of the council. How many nappies could the tramp have bought if she hadn't had to spend the child's money on fines?

    Bl00dy jail's too good for the pikey if you ask me. That child is going o grow up to be a sick and twisted individual just like the mother - you mark my words.

    And another thing! What about that poor council official? Having to walk the streets day in, day out simply to see if chavs are dropping their misbegotten sh!te all over the place and creating more diseases, and when they find someone, they get verbal abuse and have to stand up in court and then APOLOGISE for doing their job.

    This country is going to the fecking dogs I tell you. That child should have been battered, the mother jailed (scum) and the Council Effluent Executive Board Member should have been given a medal; one of those little red reversible ones that has the hammer and sykle on one side and the two S's on a black background on the other side. Hero of the Soviet Union AND the Third Reich.
  12. Is the letter written/worded in a fashion so that the toddler will understand it? After all they could be classed as a minority, we have forms in welsh and other languages, so I feel it appropriate.

    And is a formal reply required?

    If so, should the toddler wishes to use them, I have some "bestest" crayola that I use for official responses.
  13. I) Crisps are fully (and rapidly) biodegradable.

    2) Some animal or bird would have had a free meal off those dropped crisps very quickly indeed.

    Did anyone manage to get a picture or interview with the little Hitler who awarded the fine? I really don't think that this should have been classed as a littering offence - or any kind of offense. A dropped crisp packet would have been another matter IF THE MOTHER HADN'T PICKED IT UP.

    SLR (Not to be confused with SLR Boy).
  14. I quite agree and couldn't have said it better myself.

    The little savages will run wild in the streets given half a chance.

    This is how we deal with infant terrorists over here:

    In Jonesboro, Arkansas, an 8-year-old boy was suspended from school for three days after pointing a breaded chicken finger at a teacher and saying, "Pow, pow, pow."
  15. I heard a similar thing happened in Italy but the kid screamed WOP WOP WOP :twisted: