Toddler shot with Air Pistol

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by theiftaker, Jun 9, 2008.

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  1. Some days I think parts of my Home town need carpet bombing...

    Baby girl shot by pellet gun

    All the latest stories from our newsroom

    « Previous « PreviousNext » Next »View GalleryADVERTISEMENTPolice have launched an investigation after an 18-month-old girl was shot in a field in St Helens.

    A woman was walking in a field between Derbyshire Hill Road and Fleet Lane at 11 am on Sunday, with her 18-month-old daughter and her dog.

    The girl suffered minor injuries to her leg, consistent with a pellet wound.

    She was taken to hospital and treated by medical staff.

    Police are now launching an investigation into the incident

    Det Insp Chris Sephton, said: "Thankfully the child received only minor injuries, however, this could have more serious.

    "We are launching a pending investigation and are treating the matter very seriously.

    "This field is used as a short cut to members of the public to the surrounding area. I would therefore urge anyone who was in the area between 10.30am and 12noon to come forward and contact Merseyside Police. You may have seen something which could help with our inquiries."

    If anyone has any information, call St Helens CID on 0151 777 1561 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

    More than likely one of these half-wits...........
  2. Why, were you disappointed with the effects of the airgun?
  3. "We are launching a pending investigation and are treating the matter very seriously.

    So, they are doing nothing about it?
  4. Prefer something with a bit more style.

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  5. A very similar case happend here in Holland last week.
    Some sick individual shot a 4 year old with an air-rifle.
    Is this the latest fashion in perv land?
  6. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Preparing a recommendation to ban something else probably..... :roll:
  7. On the plus side, at least it showed where the mums contact drills need sharpening up. Every cloud, and all that...
  8. Can I bring my Lee Enfield?
  9. We spell it "PARR", I love the way the area has been flooded with Police (Sarcasm that). Drove around last night dropping off the Wifes Skypixie crap for her(Chuurch Magazine) and saw a pair or PCSOs getting laughed at by a gang of chavs all pissed on Cider/Lambrini and two lads of about 14 with an air rifle crossing the same area as the shooting. Not a Bobby in sight.
    Liarbour tough on crime my arrse.
  10. I am outraged ban air imeadiatly
  11. If they know its an air pistol then they must have seen who dunnit as the max range on a Pistol is pretty low. Was bitten on the arse by a dog in Parr once so agree that the area needs carpet bombing, thats if the Chav scum actually have carpets. :lol:
  12. Yep, and you can start with Knowsley Road.
  13. An Airgun is a little ineffectively with a toddler, I would have used a crossbow or a .22 rim fire cartridge.

    Unless you were going to shoot them in the eye.
  14. How very "grassy knoll" an impressive shot hitting the smallest target of the three. I'm sure the crime watch reconstruction will be more dramatic than the actual event.

    In no way do I condone the shooting of children that aren't old enough to run. :wink:
  15. Probably more to this story than is being reported. I bet it was yet another toddler savaging a dog and a concerned citizen was just trying to put the vicious brat down.

    Toddlers ... muzzle them, licence them and keep them on a leash ... for everyones sake.