Toddler "mauled to death" by Rottweillers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DadTo4Witches, Sep 24, 2006.

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  1. Extremely tragic, :( and reinforces my belief that this type of breed in the right environment would be extremely effective, however in a family situation, i think it is a massive gamble where kids are concerned. Expecting the usual "i blame the owners" comment.
  2. This is a sad, sad thing to happen. I cry sometimes when I hear this happening. Yesterday in Peterborough two babies 6 months and 18 months died in a house fire. It's heart breaking. And many families and friends will live with these tragedies for the rest of their lives. Very sad indeed.
  3. Those dogs had by far an easy death, I wish they had been made to suffer just how they made that baby suffer.
  4. But surely the baby will be welcomed by Jesus and the Lord for making such a selfless sacrifice.

    In order that a doggy didn't go hungry it leapt off its rocker and into its open gob making for a delicious mid afternoon snack.

    To put a dog down for being a dog is potty, it wold be like putting RTFQ down for being daft or Cpunk for having a head like a cycling helmet

    Purely out of interest, was the child from a council estate? Was the dog givena tetanus? Have the parents yet to notice?
  5. Oh Minister, you will burn in hell for that one! (and no, they probably would,nt have noticed)
  6. I see! Well I am sure if your own dog attacked one of your own then for sure you wouldnt be saying "the dog was just being a dog" . How the fluffing hell did they manage to take the baby, where was it's mother?? Perhaps I am just being over sensitive today and think I should leave this thread alone.
  7. The mother was alledgedly juggling three pork chops and the nipper....

    The dog had slavvered all over the floor and the mothers foot slipped in some doggy dribble, the dog lovingly caught the bambino between its mouth, turned to its oppo as if to say 'Here Fido, pull this like fcuk and lets shake our heads violently in opposite directions' Sadly the infnt broke so they scoffed it

    The mother reaised that the dog slavver was arousing so rubbed it in her tits

    there is a moral to the story: Never a borrower or a lender be, and never drop your baby into the mouth of a hungry bear or dog or tiger
  8. You really are a sick puppy...
  9. Rottweillers are expensive animals while poor people children are ten a penny once the mother has got over the loss of her child benefits and free milk coupons she will settle down to squeezing a few more out and life’s great circle will be complete..
  10. Perhaps someone should direct Chav mum to this link. I think that a nice dog is worth 10 skiprats anyday. Its the parents fault anyway, if they were as well trained as a fine pedigree hunde then they wouldn't be in this mess. Any good dead baby jokes?

    :hungry: I want my baby baby, baby backed ribs!
  11. Coincidence?
    Grandfather of the baby was badly beaten and his partner killed in a seperate incident to this. Two arrested.

    I like those two puppies just above this post.
  12. As usual the Minister has ripped the ARRSe out of this, but he does invite some interesting debate:

    Who should be allowed (If anyone) to own beasts like these?
    What training did they have?
    What daily routine did they have?

    I don't live in England, but can you just buy one of these in the shop?

    I've just looked at the pub on the net and it looks like Fort Whiterock!

    Fort Whiterock in chavland central patrolled by maneating hounds while half the family was on holiday.

    Could these animals, theoretically, have jumped down and attacked my baby on the street?

    Many issues here...
  13. You f*cking idiot. So a dog acts like a dog, and they should be tortured to death? The only time dogs should be tortured is for sh*ts and giggles. This is clearly not one of those times, so just knock em out and feed them to tigers instead.

    As for the parents, well they obviously deserve Kompensayshun. Hopefully a horde of torch wielding villagers will club together and lynch somebody irrelevant, with luck a close relation or a Paediatrician (That always makes me laugh).
  14. The nipper was apparently warned about playing rough with the hounds. She must have over stepped the mark. Yesterday I was playing with my next door neighbours chocolate labrador...... when I came home my toddler was still playing happily unattended in the knife drawer, and hadn't been mauled and mutilated in anyway.

    Out of interest, does anyone have a dog i could set about my daughter with? I scalded her leg last week and its the fourth time, it need covering up and I reckon a good chewing by a Bulldog would make her look nails as well as get me out of lumber
  15. The dog acted like a fcuking dog, the child probably acted like a fcuking child.

    If the parents were too stupid to look after the child properly, then the dogs probably did us all a favour.