Todays Times - complimentary article by Michael Gove!!

I have just found this article well buried in the Times:

Times Online

Two thirds of the way down the page is a complimentary paragraph!

And well done to the unit that hosted and impressed him!

Is this Michael 'Media Ho and Bush cheerleader' Gove?
although he did come over as a soft tree hugging sandal wearer, driving a horrendously beat up Skoda, and he is clearly of the female genus because he couldn't park it either

(I retract the bit about females and parking before anyone starts)
Taz_786 said:
Yes hes part of the Notting Hill Set and tipped to be Tory leader one day as well as being a card-carrying supporter of Bush and Israel.
He is a big fan of Richard Wagner (btw, Wagner is prohibited in Israel).

Germany is influenced by my belief that it produced one of the undoubted artistic geniuses in Richard Wagner. Germany has a prouder musical tradition — from Bach to Strauss — than any other nation, even Russia. And Wagner sits at the pinnacle — a musical innovator and dramatic visionary whose massive personal failings only make his art all the more compelling.

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