Today's the day - who's for the chop?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Queensman, Sep 1, 2011.

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  1. Hands up all those with a Brown Envelope.

    I can't help thinking of what we went through in the early '90s. Once again at the hands of a Tory Government, supposed friends of the Military. I feel a bit like a turkey that voted for Christmas - no-one I know in Green voted for anything other than the Tories in the last General Election and how do they reward us? Yep, by giving us a ******* good shafting.

    Options for Change, for those who don't remember it, was a brutal savaging of our Armed Forces stemming from the John Major's so called 'Peace Dividend'. The Army lost 45,000 folk over three years. I administered Phase 1 in my Battalion and jumped out in Phase 2.

    The whole thing was a shambles and morale across the board was decimated. So, here we are again. Hark at the Labour nark on the wireless this morning critising the falling of today's axe. Politicians - I shit 'em.

    Good luck and best wishes to those of you who are on the off.
  2. The reason the Tories always have to be the nasty party is they have to routinely clear up the clusterfuck of the previous, Labour, government.

    Anyway - the 90's was different - that had a specific downsizing for operational reasons. The cold war finished and we simply didn't need the same amount of troops.
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  3. Who are these freinds?
  4. Went though that in the 90s as well but as I was the wrong trade to volunteer for Phase 1 and the wrong rank for Phase 2 I had to soldier on.

    I wonder if we will ever find out this time how many jumped and how many were pushed?

    And to those who have got a strange letter in the post - civie street isn't all shite.
  5. How embarrassing. I stand (sit) corrected and so does my post.
  6. Riddle me this Batman -

    It is September the first, 2011. I am bitter and twisted?
  7. So, the two incidents that Queenie mentions regarding slashing troops numbers were in the 90's, that you remark were 'different', and todays tranche. So how do the Tories 'routinely' clear up after Labour?

    Please can you supply other examples of this happening?
  8. Downsizing seems to happen every 20 or so years, happened in the late 70's too then a war/IS/Operational situation occurs and no one is prepared - politicians' never seem to learn from past mistakes :-(

    ... well, there's Miss Spellnig for a start! ^_~
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  9. Dear Soldiers,

    The army will close WEF 01 September 2012 - this will give you time to drive fast, get pissed and shag anything that has a Pulse before the world ends on 21 Dec 2012.

    with Kind regards..The Gubmint

    Nurse....I think its happened again!
  10. Good job the government have already made plans for us to lose the war in Afghanistan otherwise we'd be losing it anyway.

    Personally the forces should remove "Stable Employment" from its list of plus points for potential applicants.

    It should read "Stable, aslong as we're playing World Police with the yanks"

  11. Never mind. We'll have several Olympic gold medals by then and the morale of the country will still be at an all time high on that date. That should give our business community an overseas boost in the selection stakes. Our athletes can pitch up in their tracksuits, with our flag draped over their shoulders. That'll settle the natives, keep the flow of oil and discourage any uppity dictators from getting it together on the vollyball pitch. Yessireeeeeeee.
  12. Better shit us some good ones in future cos this bunch are lower than a snakes ********.
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  13. Maybe we could call for a Royal Wedding.That seems to take the plebs' minds of their collective grief.
  14. Specifically regarding forces cuts or general repairing of the country?
  15. If only Chile would invade British Antarctic Territory maybe would could have inf with county names again and cav as fractions!

    These cuts will serve UK PLC badly in years to come, just as all cuts have in the past.