Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Barnaby, Aug 11, 2007.

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  1. Yet another pro-Army article by Vikky Woods, with ARRSE getting an honorable "mention in despatches"
  2. Have you got the link?
  3. Can't do it myself but I'm sure someone will put it up.
  4. Thanks Gnr_D

    The Army Rumour Service (one of my favourite websites) has been chuntering, in a bemused way, over the new ban on: a) speaking to a member of the public at a wedding, and b) posting rudely about MoD daftness.

    This was the website that campaigned (victoriously) to have Hon. Lt Tulbahadur Pun VC brought to Britain for medical treatment, and for a SSAFA home-from-home for Service families to be allowed near Headley Court in Ashtead, Surrey. (Both of which battles Des Browne climbed aboard, after they were won.) It's a tightly moderated, but unofficial, website - knockabout, noisy and rude. But utterly loyal to the Armed Forces. Will Team Defence consider that it "enhances" the "brand", I wonder? They'd better.

    Im not allowed to comment though.

    But :D
  5. You serving lads can pass on your comments to us lot from 1 Civ Div and we can post them in safety! Eh oh, jobs a good un! Or will the MoD stop ex soldiers saying stuff as well?

  6. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhh (sh*t this black nasty is sticky)
  7. Now being a bigsoapdodgingfatlezzertreehugginggaurdanistareadingcivi i have to say.

    bring it on :p nice article too
  8. I dared ask a question on 'censorship' on this site and I got a reply, with a personal dig in it, and a load of guff about the subject being '..done to death.....' on 'INF'.

    Arrsers our site seems to be doomed.

    Do the moderators have any liability for the contents of this site?

    How is this 'liability' policed?

    Does Brown and his 'Stasi' know who they are?

    Does the other Browne know what this site is?

    As I have said, any Soviet style clamp-down on this site will be resisted strongly, together with as much squealing and media involvement as it is possible to imagine.

    Final question - if a 'moderator' no longer wants to be a moderator, can he simply resign? If not, why not?

    Don't be like England's cricket side, let's start 'fighting' back within the ever restricting law! When the legal restriction becomes too tight, there are places in 'foreign land' where it would be possible to operate.

    'Cyclops' Brown clearly feels that he is not in COMPLETE CONTROL here, hence this new 'DCI' or whatever the new term is.

    One thousand (1000) Press Officers - one per Infantry soldier! Are we in the real world or has Lewis Carroll taken over?

    PS. Who is DGMC? I asked elsewhere but it was deleted or locked.
  9. "Men in uniform are routinely (and politely) asked to leave one renowned London department store, for example. They are also asked to remove their uniforms inside the military ward of Selly Oak NHS hospital when they return from Op Telic or Op Herrick with bits missing."

    By the way, if you work at either Harrods or Selly Oak and have done this, don’t feel ashamed of yourself and avoid looking in mirrors, it’s not your fault you are a snivelling little toady with no moral courage, you’re only a civvy after all.

    "The Army Rumour Service (one of my favourite websites) (sic) It's a tightly moderated, but unofficial, website - knockabout, noisy and rude. But utterly loyal to the Armed Forces. Will Team Defence consider that it "enhances" the "brand", I wonder? They'd better."

    Well said that woman.
  10. I've googled her, just out of interest you understand, but hope the picture of the warty old hag in an apron I found isn't her. Would anyone..... have a picture?
  11. Here is a picture of the women in question.
    Yes chaps I know it's unusual for me to put of images of women with all the clothes on, but looking at this one I don't think I would win an argument with this journo!!!

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  12. Top 'journo'.

    Top 'Mum'.

    End of!


    Madam, if you read this, please, please keep up the heat on the bunch of appalling spivs sending our children on illegal operations.