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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Selastra, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. I have scanned through various areas of AARSE to see if anyone has posted this already, but I cant see it.,,2-2007460151,00.html

    This refers to an article written by the Sun regarding the old chestnut of soldiers Pay on Ops.

    The MOD spokesman is quoted as saying it's the serviceman's fault for not understanding the system. I cant help feeling that soldiers on Ops have more important things to worry about than JPA, like staying alive.

    With the reduction of staff in admin offices, and the plethora of things soldiers are now expected to deal with, it is no wonder things like this are going to happen. How does a young man with a family back in UK cope worrying wether or not his pay is sorted so that his family have enough to buy food while he is in some backstreet in Iraq/Afghanistan looking out for things that might kill him?

    Can you imagine Monty allowing this to happen on eve of D-Day? or Churchill? I do hope this is a case of sensational reporting of one or two problems, rather than an accurate report of loads of problems. But I bet you all know different.....
  3. JPA muppets are already there with the units out on ops, think this story is old jorno wanting to fill scum rag as it happened when JPA first came in.
  4. Having just looked at the link, some wag (or *****r) has posted that "I think GREAT British government is not TAXING us enough. I'AM FOR THE TAX RISE, ANYBODY ELSE." Clearly someone with a sense of humour and hopefully they can be persuaded onto ARRSE - if they are not here already.
  5. There's a difference between saying "its the servicemans fault" and pointing out that:

    "“Unfamiliarity by personnel using the system would appear to be the cause of some of the pay delays and errors.”

    I'm guilty of that - I made a couple of errors when JPA was introduced, for which I blamed the unit. Had I paid more attention to the training package, the problem wouldn't have happened. Not every error can be laid on the door of JPA (although its still an absolute disaster of a system).