Today's Sun Stories - No. 1 Sex Scandal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Hootch, Mar 2, 2004.

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  1. Interesting story from the People's Newspaper

    At least someone in this country is not afraid to speak freely!

    Why is this hussy worth more than our Redcaps?,,2004100957,00.html

    T HE King’s Royal Hussies sex case has already taken longer than the fall of Iraq.

    As it enters its fourth week, there is still no sign of a ceasefire.

    More soldiers are trooping through the industrial tribunal in Southampton than patrolling the streets of Basra.

    We’ve heard of officers laying bets on which women they were going to bed, video sex, oral sex, lesbian sex, telephone sex, text sex, car sex, cupboard sex, open-air sex, sex with stable maids, sex with air hostesses, drunken sex, Internet sex, adultery, attempted suicide, pornographic movies, stalking, fondling and fruit-flavoured rubber johnnies.

    It’s been hilarious.

    Life in the Hussars, an elite cavalry regiment, seems to be one long orgy.

    It’s a wonder any of them can mount their horses without considerable discomfort.

    All this has come to light because of an affair between a major and a female warrant officer, who is now suing the Army for sex discrimination.

    When their relationship became public, he was moved sideways and she was drummed out of the regiment.

    It was a clear breach of the rules banning officers from having sex with the lower ranks.

    But because WO Angela McConnell believes she was punished more harshly than the rogering major — who for legal reasons can’t be named — she wants compensation.

    In pursuit of this she has been prepared to wash her soiled undies in public, have lawyers pore over her sexual history and drag just about everyone in the regiment through the dirt.

    She has admitted a string of affairs, hetero and lesbian, humiliating both herself and her cuckolded, estranged husband, who has demeaned himself by turning up at court holding hands with the wife he is soon to divorce.

    I can only assume Mr McConnell has been promised a slice of the action in the event of this ludicrous case leading to a fat pay-out.

    As I asked when the whole thing kicked off, whatever happened to shame?

    Heaven knows how much this fiasco is costing. Or why it was ever allowed to come to court in the first place.

    Surely there was a deal to have been done, sparing the Army all this embarrassment.

    No one has yet explained quite why, in pursuit of a simple discrimination claim, it has been necessary for just about every member of the regiment, from the Commanding Officer downwards, to parade themselves in public and divulge details of their own sexual peculiarities.

    Or why it is taking so long. Didn’t someone make a sober assessment of where all this was leading, conclude that Angela McConnell was clearly barking and offer her a few bob to keep her mouth shut?

    This parade ground circus should never, ever, have ended up in front of a civilian industrial tribunal in full glare of a grateful media.

    Compare and contrast the Army’s willingness to leave no stone unturned in exposing the regimental rumpy-pumpy rife in the King’s Royal Hussars with the reluctance to hold a proper investigation into the massacre of six Redcaps in Iraq.

    Relatives of the murdered military policemen are pressing for a full public inquiry into the mistakes which led to their sons being abandoned to their fate at the hands of a 300-strong mob.

    They had been sent out with radios which didn’t work, little ammunition and no medical kit. Their families are entitled to know why they died.

    The Army should be prepared to devote at least as much time, energy and money to investigating these tragic deaths in Iraq as it has wasted on the long-running legover farce currently playing out in front of an industrial tribunal in Southampton.
  2. With reference to your comment on the Red Caps:

    'They had been sent out with radios which didn’t work, little ammunition and no medical kit. Their families are entitled to know why they died.'

    I'll tell you in a minute, for free: Because they were in the British Army! When everything is made by the lowest bidder and corners are cut, people die. Simple. Funny that the Telic 4 kit we are all getting is shiny, abundant and bloody expensive...

    PS: The KRH thing is brilliant. They should be encouraged to drag it out for longer. When you aren't involved and you live next door to them its fantastic entertainment!
  3. Yes, yes, yes, but on the right of the page is this:
    I've no idea about this footballer fellow and his particular tastes, but I didn't know that was what 'Dogging' was. I'm out of date, obviously. Mind you, on another board ( devoted to history) someone posted something about Red Dwarf and the name 'Rimmer' was blanked out by the computer machinery, teaching me something else about our pillow-biting community.
  4. you forgot to mention - we are THE British Army and usually we are forced to use what ever we can get our hands on. If this means kit that looks like it works, made by the lowest bidder or rushed into service by coffin lining officers then that is what we use. We get away with it because we are professional, we are resourceful and most of us havent been in a no duff, life threatening position. It's a bit late for the honourable RedCaps now that people are starting to dishing out the shiny stuff now, though!

    Berets off....
  5. Quite right, our funding is crap. Perhaps we should get sponsored, like football teams...wonder if poundstretcher would be inerested?