Today's Sex Pest: Dave Lee Travers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo_Bravo, Oct 15, 2012.

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  1. Who's this Travers bloke then?

    Someone who walks sideways across hills?
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  2. One woman says he felt her up, another that he 'jiggled' her breasts. Both women were of age at the time and feeling-up birds was a national sport.

    These accusations are piss.
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  3. I think there are a lot of people walting as victims. Why the fuck did they all not report these things when they happened, instead of waiting 20 years or so? They are just a bunch of attention seeking facebook users.
  4. At least this one's alive...
  5. Fuck I want a job at the BBC...getting paid to fiddle teenage girls at the liecence payers expense.
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  6. It's taken a week since I first said to my wife that he'd come up in the conversation and be accused of getting gropetastic with a young friend at some point.

    Baby, b-b-baby you ain’t seen nothing yet… Let’s rock!
  7. Because 20 years ago the culture was different. Young women were seen as fair game. She was a 20 odd year old intern, Travis was nearly 50, well established and another "big BBC personality" just like Savile at the height of the period when big personality DJs abounded.

    She says she did complain but it was laughed off and she didn't push it because she wanted the job. It's a classic bully scenario. I don't know whether he did it or not but the reasons she gives are entirely plausible.
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  8. We're now at the stage where almost anything will be believed about anyone because 'that was what it was like in the 70'.
  9. ......................:sweatdrop:

    Pierre as along moostarche!

  10. In which case you have to consider the plausibility and motivation of each individual witness. Presumably a Sky Newsreader is not in it for Compo, she will be on a good salary and she won't want unnecessary prying into her privacy. By revoking her right to keep her name out of it she does a lot to convince me it is both a serious and plausible accusation.

    Like wise the 45 year old welder now claiming that the was abused by Savile as a 9 year old Cub Scout. What bloke would want to hold his hand up to the world and say "some dirty old sod touched my todger" if it was a foundless allegation. I can't believe that he is just another attention seeker.

    However I am aware this is the NAAFI so may I say that I am really hoping that someone comes up with some evidence that Savile's big mate Thatcher knew all about this, told Home Secretary Hurd to give him gold plated keys for Broadmoor and covered up for him. Tits, bum, fanny.
  11. And the Police have announced that they believe everything they are told on the subject.
    Nicely clearing the way for compensation claims.

    Anyone who can reasonably establish being alone in a room with a BBC DJ anytime in the last 50 years is now entitled to compensation,
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  12. She exists in a profession whereby your longevity is extended by being in the public eye and being a sympathetic figure. Roseanne Barr was already a multi-millionairess when she accused her dead father of rape and molestation much the the horror of the rest of the family and amongst rigorous denials. She then announced she was going to become the next Opra, mmmm coincidence? You don't get in the public eye or gain public sympathy by remaining anonymous and you don't get loads of people saying what a heroine you are, so brave etc. I am not saying that she is lying by the way and I didn't say that she was lying in my previous post, I was merely observing that now we have a 'prove your innocence' situation much like 'he is a man, of course he raped her'.

    I'm not saying that every claim by everyone is without foundation. However I bet if you see a story about a Catholic Priest abusing a boy that you just instantly assume it's true. Similarly we now have a situation whereby anyone can level an accusation and people will say, 'That sort of thing was rife in the BBC then'.
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  13. Now that the hairy cornflake has been implicated, is anyone taking bets on the next 70s icon to be named and shamed? I'll have a tenner each way on Noel Edmonds and the Phantom Flan Flinger!
  14. I want to be molested by a DJ too. Colleen Shannon will do:


    Or Gloria Hunniford. Whatever.
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