Todays Scum

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by schoolstaffinstructor, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. What do they have in common then?
  2. They are all british so the paper says
  3. More like minorities, therefore receiving better status by the groups that have been formed to secure their equal rights at the expense of the majority, by bleating on about how hard done by they are.

    Though i don't think they're, except two exceptions, are scum.

    Now chav's are proper scum, and no-one likes Do as you likeys.

    Typical SUN front page though.
  4. Nowadays the working british white man/woman is the ethnic minority.

    A friend of mine has a lot to do with jobcentre paperwork, and in the eyes of jobcentres, the british white single male is at the bottom of a very long list for priorities like housing, benefits and help.

    In Britain today you need to be a coloured, gay, disabled, illegal immigrant. Then you're quids in. :frustrated:

    Give it 10 years and the only people left in Britain will be non brits and chavs.
  5. I think I may have had all of them...
  6. they missed out English b'strd. Thats what most of us get called in Scotland anyway.
  7. Yeah, with 56 million still knocking about they certainly are an 'ethnic minority' :thumright:

    Or are you confusing Britian with South Africa?
  8. I dunno, but their all going to be ugly when they grow up
  9. If that was true, then how come such minorities don't sit at the top of society i.e. MPs, aristocracy and so on?
  10. David Blunkett is blind, he was an MP ( i assume being blind is a disability? )

    There was a gay MP, can't remember his name. Tory i think? The only reason i can't remember his name is because most of them seem to be gay.

    Oona King is a coloured MP.

    So yes, some do make it to the top of the pile. I don't know about aristocracy though?
  11. they buy that bit.

  12. take note of that "working" bit fella