Todays Recruits

Just wondered what those in the know think of today's Soldiers to Be.
My first hand experience was in 1999 when I did my training at Pirbright where had a crow kept being a p*ssy and kept getting his mum to ring up the Platoon.Sgt up trying to give him a b*llocking.
I've heard training has been toned down less beastings!?and more encouragement and while talking to a lad going for RSC he told me they done away with the 14kg Box lift and pull ups.
Are lads that are arriving at Battalion any good or not seems like the Army is getting too easy.
I also heard that they are set aside time in the day to sort kit out instead of doing the ol 1am ironing thing.
I have herd of the relaxed standards at the RSC and will gladly let you know of my experience when I head there on Monday.
From what a Sgt. was telling me is the fact is at the generation that is applying alot of them are young have not had any real life experience and is a issue when they get there. I know they still have the pull ups and the box lifts.

Cheers 2CB
For my 2 weeks at Pirbright I saw plenty of beastings for the recruits, don't know about RSC, maybe it's chilled out due to the army not being a first choice career for many i.e. they need bods. But a lot of the young lads got hammered round down there, although they did all have TVs & playstations and shit in their grots.

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