Todays efforts for the Queen

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BarkingSpider, Jun 5, 2012.

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  1. Yeah I know a nice post in the NAAFI... But you know what, I watched the ceremonies and the parades and the bands and the salutes today and my overwhelming feeling is one of swelling pride in my chest in what our armed forces have demonstrated today. Fantastic stuff, well done one and all. And the Guardsmen doing a caps off salute with cheers to the Queen in front of Buckingham Palace. As I watched that it got quite dusty in here I can tell you.
    If you were involved, either directly or indirectly, I'd like you to know that it was much appreciated in this corner of the country. /images/smilies/icon_thumleft.gif
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  2. Yes nothing like the spotaneity of being ordered to remove your headress and shout hurrah by the fucking numbers!!
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  3. Ha. Yeah I figured they'd probably practised that once or twice... Never seen it happen before though and it came across well to me at least. I reckon her Majesty appreciated it too.
  4. I see you're still taking the miserable pills!!!!
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  5. Mutter mutter grumble shove the Jubilee up your arse mutter mutter......

    Still they've probably managed to off HRH Prince Phillip making him stand about all day without taking a piss, another day off soon.
  6. Fuck off you miserable cunt.

    I liked it.
    I like the Queen, lots
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  7. Did I misunderstand the desired result or did something go wrong with the feu de joie?
  8. I was in the forecourt piping. One of the proudest days of my army career. The crowd chanting "we want the queen!" made the hair on the back of my next stand up. Definitely a day to remember and tell the grandkids about.

    All the bah humbug grumpys can get fucked. I had fun.
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  9. Possibly loses something in the translation from black powder muskets, flame and smoke to 5.56 smokeless blank.

  10. Turned up for Elton John concert had they?
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  11. They do it at the Festival of Remembrance don't they? Three cheers for HM and then the poppies fall when they've replaced headdress, from memory.
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  12. Excellent! I'm sure the guys on duty around the palace and Victoria Memorial had a terrific view.
    We watched on the box - yes, I know; what a wimp! :)
  13. I put this in the NAAFI so that people could feel free to have a dig if they want as it's part of the craic. But people who have a dig like you're doing on an army website seem to have lost their way somewhat. It's a shame you're being so negative about it which says more about you than the Jubilee celebrations.
    If it's Ok with you though, I'll also feel free to ignore your comments because I think you might be a teeny little bit of a grumpy pants. My four year old son thought the soldiers in their smart uniforms looked fantastic and he was so impressed with the field gun salutes too. I'll sit with my lad and be happy for him and his wonder at the spectacle of it all.
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  14. A good day for the whole country:)
    And HMQueen plc does a great job & has done for 60 years.
  15. Twas a long stand for some of those lads. But Facebook tells me they all had a good time nonetheless! One of the few times you don't mind street lining or stagging on.