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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jack-daniels, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. See a couple of our esteemed posters have made the press again!
  2. Broon , Swiss tony
    Would you really trust anything either of these two said?

    No way SecDef can share his time with Scottish Secretary duties,
    Defence IS and always will be a full time job, not just photo-opportunity for a morally bankrupt spin-laden bunch of time serving sycophantic arrse licking champagne sociallists.
    Gordon, if you or your staff read this, appoint Gen.Jackson(or Adm Boyce) as next SECDEF, at least they have an understanding of service within a military context.
  3. Gordon Brown PM - verdict - Not Fit For Purpose
  4. My bolding.

    Including schools that are in other countries. Way to go PM, show us just how much you care about Britain and its defence!

  5. Sorry this makes my blood boil
    Defence expenditure has not risen under this Government
    In real terms (as % of GDP) EXPENDITURE HAS FALLEN FROM OVER 4.3% to just under 2% GDP since Liarbour came to power.
    I know what some will say, The Major Government started the cuts.
    Fair point,however, we weren't fighting 2 major ground actions then and the BerlinWall fell/Warsaw pact was slowly imploding.
    So to Tory financial eyes savings could be made.

    So when Liarbour takes us (illegally) into conflict in Iraq and then commit forces to Afghanistan, surely expenditure should of increased proportionally with our commitments?

    The fact that Mr Brown (Chancellor at the time) forced the sale of Qinetiq through to fill a budgetary shortfall has direct ramifications to defence expenditure.
    Prudence in budgeting?
    I think not.
  6. Why do we have a Scottish secretary? What exactly is the job? Same goes for Wales and N.I. Who is the English secretary?
  7. Scottish secretary, supposed to be there for greater cultural and political ties.
    As the SNP , Plaid Cymru , and Sinn Fein effectively want their own countries do we need any (Foreign) national Secretaries?

    Devolution, ain't it great?
    If they are all so passionate about national identity, why don't they all go back to their respective principalities and get on with it?
    Because without a voice in Westminster, they would be seen for what they are.
    Regional areas no bigger on the world stage than Luxembourg!
  8. I reckon we could take 'em. They've only got knives and a few guns...
  9. FFS, get off that fence, you must be getting splinters by now...
  10. Paramount Comrade Broon says the army must compete with education and the NHS for funds?.

    First of all how about levelling the playing field?

    NHS spend per annum 90 billion pounds plus and increasing at at least 10% P.A.

    Education spend per annum is far higher than defence(not sure of exact figures) and rising again at several percentage points above inflation.

    Defence,initially budgeted at 32 billion pounds for the current finincial year,but was increased with much fanfare by the supreme leader by a further 2 billion.In real terms,defence spending is probally falling,or if not,is likely to fall in the next few years.

    2 billion pounds is probably petty cash to both the NHS and department of Education.

    Too many non-jobs in the NHS and education held by trade union members whose unions donate funds to liarbore.

    Bottom line-Gordon Brown is a Stalinist control-freak communist who hates defence and any spending in non socialist areas of the economy(with the exception of short-term vote-buying in the case of Northern Rock-45 billion blown so far,here).

    Don't expect defence spending to rise should the Tories get in at the next election,Cameroun is probaly all wind and piss.
  11. We could make a game out of this - you get four points for getting quoted by screen name, three if just referred to as from Arrse and two for an unnamed quote. Of course everyone would end up making even more outrageous statements just to get more points but what the hell. :)

  12. Hmm, remind me just how many teachers and NHS staff have died in underprotected 4wd vehicles, or having been ordered to hand over their body armour to someone else because there wasnt enough, in the last four years?
  13. Oi, stop! Don't try and get real life mixed up in political chatter.