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Today's Book Purchases....

The Imperial War Museum Book of The Somme by Malcolm Brown.

The National Army Museum Book of The Zulu War by Ian Knight.

The Map of Africa by Eddy Nugent :thumright:

The only question is what order to read them in?? :)
Read , the book of the somme 1st, then the Map of africa to cheer you up. Mrs G had to banish me from reading the Map in bed as my constant laughing out loud and near swamping wasn't going down too well.


Book Reviewer
Ian Knight has written another book on the Zulu War? Christ, where does he dredge up new material?

I met him at University of Kent in 1987 and he already had a couple of Zulu books under his belt then. Mind you, kudos to him for writing about a war that the public seems to have an insatiable appetite for.

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