Todays Bargain on Ebay.......

Got to be a p*ss take.

How much will I get for a RLC stable Belt? Or a WRAC t-shirt?
Potential SNCOs in this illustrious corps are "encouraged" to buy a corps tie whilst on the Regimental promotion course. Apparently something no aspiring SNCO in the RLC can be without. Guess where they can be bought? The corps PRI!!! Now there's a shock.

So his protest is probably due to failing the course. :D
Maybe, he passed the course and is just protesting about having to purchase a neck garment that looks like it was thought up by someone with all the fashion sense of a blind, German dock worker tripped out on acid.

Or Tracey Emin, take your pick.

Somebody should enter one for the Turner prize. That way the powers that be may well be embarrassed into replacing it with something less garish, tasteless and downright foul. While I'm on a roll, which fckuwit designed the stable belt with a clasp just the right size as to be incapable of opening a simple beer bottle. I ask you this Corps was still born from the moment it was conceived. Don't let me start on orifices, useless to55ers the lot of em.......

I think I need to lie down now..... :)
I just kept my RAOC (polyester) tie and indicated that: you lot should never have amalgamated me in the 1st place!

Strewth, am I brave, or wot?!
Mmmmmm. Nice RLC tat.


Well he got 1p for it. Overpriced I would say.

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