Today we cremated a workmate...

Discussion in 'RAC' started by AlienFTM, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    ... yes he was dead.

    In good recce style two of us rolled up 30 minutes early to carry out a CTR. There were a handful of floral tributes to the deceased who had passed this way yesterday and earlier today. Being a nosey bastard (on Bluetooth, my phone is called Nosey for the benefit of anyone who finds my signal and tries to get it on), I had a good nose.

    The furthest tribute featured a garter and a crown, so I looked a bit closer cos it was quite likely he was military.

    Imagine the chill that ran down me spine. Southampton crematorium is a long way from the 15/19H recruitment area, but that's what the scroll across the bottom of the wreath read.

    Any ex-Tabs recognise the name Reginald Charles Pitman probably from some time between 1945 and 1975?

    The main tribute identified him as a GRANDDAD, so I am guessing he was before my time. I am sure I'd have recognised the name.

    I paid my respects to him. Best I could do.
  2. Hats off in respect mate.

    If I remember I will pop into the Discovery Museum in the Toon, which is now home to 15/19H and LD's regimental museum (ingeniously called 'A Soldiers Life - they must have been up all night to think of that?') and see if they have any info an the above mentioned Hussar.

    I have met Geordies all over the world now, so I'm not suprised one of our own has turned up so far from home. I even got served by a Geordie bar maid in British Columbia once!
  3. AFTM

    PM sent to HHQ LD in Fenham, hopefully we will get something back.
  4. AFTM

    Reply duly received from HHQ LD as follows;

    Reginald Pitman served between 1952 and 1967 he passed away on 15 January this year M******l T***e attended the Cremation Service and sent the following report to HHQ:

    I duly went to the cremation service in Southampton, which was well done with a big family turnout. I said I was representing the Regiment and they seemed pleased to see a 15/19H tie. I suggested to grandson Matthew, son of M*****l Pitman who was in the 15/19H band for 11 years, that he might take a photograph of the wreath in the form of a regimental badge, which he did. I gave him your address and he was going to send it on to you in case there was room in the obituary section of the Journal.

    I met Reg's widow, two sons, three daughters and several other family members and we had a good chat at their club afterwards in Chandlers Ford. Also C***n M*****e, who had driven from Northampton. His family and theirs had all been close as children in the Regiment. I felt very privileged to be there.


    Hope that sheds a little more light on the subject for you.

  5. Tom, send me a PM with the names minus the *** mate. Cheers.


  6. GH

    Sorry in the delay, been in the UK on hols

    PM and Email sent