Today`s page cull!!

Discussion in 'ARRSEpedia' started by Disco, Jun 27, 2005.

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  1. User, your pages basically are a direct copy of another wiki and have no real relevance.

    Its an ARRSEpedia not an Encylopedia!

    If you want to post then make it relevant.
  2. LOL got there before me mate.
  3. Worked all those entries must be POET (after he registered)

    Have a read around the wiki to get a feel for what poeple want to see.

    Dont copy and paste unless its a relevant link (link as in not 5000 words)

    Your input should be themed around the Armed forces as a rule of thumb and either be factual in content or tongue in cheek.
  4. Or use the old fashioned technique of thinking before posting.....
  5. Ah well........

    I have decided to be very arbitrary about it and just ban him as a User and his IP on the Wiki.

    If he contacts us and comes up with a remotely interesting excuse he might get the block removed.
  6. Best you get yourself a NAVY SEAL rebreather then Ducky.
  7. Yesterday I could list all the deleted posts

    But today I cannot seem to find the link, any pointers anyone ?
  8. Polar you after the deletion log?

    If so go here!

  9. Aha !!! Thank you , reading the comments is as amusing as reading what has been deleted !!!
  10. how do you stick your user name on the wiki thing?

    simple instructions for a blonde simpleton please or a link to where it has been explained before i cant find it!!!!!


    blondy :p
  11. Dizzy,

    Go here

    Dont forget to read the FAQ before starting. Youll find it here