Today Matty tomorrow Iran.


The same American mental process that led to the air strike on Matty Hulls patrol is
As I write being applied to justify air strikes on Iran.

Just as the pilots talked themselves into the strike with rhetoric such as “I see orange panels” (friendlies) -“no they are rocket launchers“-“well I am concerned about time” (must strike now). The same chatter is being used to clear the way for air strikes on Iran.

It all fits into the bigger picture Iran is developing nuclear energy. America does not want this. America is bogged down in Iraq. So bring on the proverbial scapegoat in the shape of Iran. Then start the rhetoric again-Iran is smuggling weapons into Iraq. (their claim is that we are losing the war in Iraq because of Iran). There is no case to answer though- there is no jury no independent observer-there is just the word of America. We in Britain are so very small as a nation that it would not matter if we disagreed with America about air strikes on Iran. If the nation with the biggest stick wanted it we would just have to fall into line and accept it.

So even though Iran will be next in line for a democratic air bombardment-nothing you or I could say will change that direction of travel. It’s like the little bloke who has chosen to mix it with the gangsters. He’s been wined and dined by these burly fckers. He’s had his fun and games lived like champagne Charlie. Yet now they are calling him out for a big job and even though he is pissing his pants there is fck all he can do about it now. Britain is now in this very same predicament-we’ve sucked off America and bent down as far as Mr Blair can make us bend.

We’ve wined and dined with the help of the big stick gangsters-now we have to go on the job, that job is Iran and like it or not Iran have been tipped off and they will be lying in wait with a great big fcking ambush. The moral here is don’t fcking mix it with gangsters.

This is all going to go deeply badly wrong-the reason for this is simple-there is no stomach for the Iraq war-no deep sense of justice-no morality-no drive-no end game in sight-no clear justified goal in mind.
So to scratch around in the sand for a justified reason to demolish parts of Iran is just another extension of future pain and human suffering and catastrophic failure. Another screwball mission based on -because we can values.

The west is hated-maybe largely in silence-brooding silence dangerous silence. So what are we going to do to re-establish our credibility-to make up for the fck up that is Iraq. We are going to follow our gangster pals into yet another disaster plan. Ooooh that is going to hurt. I don’t know about you- but when senior CIA intelligence officers speak I tend to listen-so did you know that senior CIA intelligence officers stated clearly to the Bush administration that there was no Al-Qaeda operating from Iraq prior to the Iraq war.
So did president Bush listen to this information and side step Iraq-oh no. Based on this clear ignorance- be afraid be very afraid.

So will business man Blair be stepping into the breach in a bid to stop another catastrophic disaster-well he is no leader-he is no Margaret Thatcher, no Winston Churchill, so we will go where we are pushed- like it or not. So check your kit and prepare to be stretched in more directions. Prepare to be applied in the pending battle-the few remaining golden chess pieces.

Moved in to try to save two misguided fools failing ego‘s.
When did this country lose it's morals or 'sense of justice' then?
You have to possess something in order to lose it and I can't recall the utopia that you seem to.

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