Today marks 10316 days since Berlin Wall came down

SO three decades on o all former personnel from RAF Gatow, BRiMXS, US Army in Europe Berlin Brigade Aviation Detachment, year back marks 10,316 days since the Berlin Wall came down. Up to that part it stood for 10316 days.

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And there was other sneaky stuff going onin Berlin not just run of the mill spook stuff but CT training and acitivities as I found in my 1993 book here on the Delta Force. Thats one of Berlin Aviation Det Bell UH-1H assisting with CT training (possibly Delta) with GSG-9 in 80s.

If Corbyn gets in and Wee Jimmy takes Scotland independent, we'll need something like that to keep the refugees out as they flee the toilet that Jocklandia will become. Sometimes I rather wish that the IGB and the USSR were still extant. The world seemed an awful lot simpler then

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