Today is D-Day for a lot of people.....

Pte - LCpl board makes the public domain (after being passed around the Head Shed and the Wives Club for the last week :nod: )

I remember the Great Day for myself as if it were yesterday; summoned to the Q Man's office and then told to **** off to my room and get a fresh pair of light-weights ironed pronto before reporting to the RSM of my then unit (32 Armd Engr Regt).

Ironing in the corridor of the block while everyone tried to work out which ****-up/escapade I'd finally been caught for was a bit nerve-racking I can tell you!

Got to RSM's office and he said "Alright ya hun cnut? Do you know what you're here for?" (He was a celtic supporter, and golfer,so some of you will know who I mean).When I told him I didnt he laughed,told me the news and congratulated me before marching me through the Adj's office to the CO for the "this is the first step etc" chat .

When I got back to the block the boys were as surprised as I was!!!!
'LCpl P-T you are incorrectly dressed! Crated'

Blank face then big smile.


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Ah, the day the guy who used to be your best mate turns into a re-incarnation of Hitler, power emanating from every pore.

Congratulations to all those who make it, and for those getting it for the first time, remember, this is the hardest one to hold on to (my first lasted 9 months ).
I remember mine vividly. I was on boxing trg for the Battalion team when I was summonsed by Big Badge, in my tracksuit, and when I was stood stock still outside the Commanding Officer's Office, he came down the corridor at Warp Factor 9 screaming, shouting and going mental. After what seemed like endless hours of press-ups and sit-ups in the corridor and sweating like a rapist I was wheeled in rapidly where the Comd Offr, my boss and Big Badge all started pissing themselves at me with the usual you are incorrectly dressed. I replied that i had come directly as ordered from training without changing which made them laugh even more until i finally sparked as to what was happening. Happy days? Were they bollocks :) The hardest one to get and the easiest to lose eh?



Mine lasted 6 months the second time it lasted almost a year and I got away with that by going to Brecon. Promoted on return.


Ours was a 6 week jnco cadre, longer than some had the stripe for. I seem to recall lads passing but not getting made up (slots in Bn were short) and being missed out for promotion when next year the next batch of cadre passes were made up 12 months later.


any idea where i can see the board results as there not on army net (or not that i can see) as yet. any ideas when they will be on army net.

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