Today is a good day...

Today is a good day!

After a pain in the arrse legal battle with my now ex employer I have won my case, I was informed this avo I have secured a new job paying over twice my previous salary and am also on the home stretch of the tour which means, fingers crossed, my useless husband will be home in 3 weeks to begin pissing me off again ;)

Today is a good day, in the spirit of all things chirpy please feel free to use this thread to state why today is a good day for you too:

Wag Tail

I had a leg over before getting up for work this morning!
Today started beautifully bright and sunny, tempting all the lovely ladies to wear their summer finest. The Gods evidently enjoyed my latest sacrifice, for mid-morning a sudden squall wracked campus, drenching all those flimsy tops and bringing those all pert little spigots into sharp relief through now-translucent cotton.

Some days, I love my job.
Nope, got nothing today. Thursday's looking good tho! ;-)


Congratulations on the new job
........and my good day is after a pants day at work press ups seemed slightly less painful at bootcamp tonight


Great day for me, I'm still breathing.
I had a lovely kip and since I normally have really bad insomnia thats enough for me


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I'm getting a promotion!

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this is hopefully going to be a good day, it has started well, and looking out of my office window I see biiig rain clouds a' coming. Which over here is a cause for great celebration 'cos when it rains it truly pours and only happens a couple of times a year.
It is also raining here this morning. (Doha) However I am confident that by lunchtime it will be subby and dry again and the aircon will be turned up full once more.


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Today should be a good day, my Great Uncle's will should be paying out today, just in time for a holiday or two ^^
Every day is a good day :) I'm jobless ! and resemble a hobo, her parting words to me this morning before she set off were 'you need to get your hair cut, and find something to do with yourself', to be fair, over eating and wanking probably didnt factor on her proposed 'to-do' list.

I have been in the same tatty cargo shorts and Corps T Shirt for a week, my hair, although lush and bouyant like in a Timotei ad with a subtle hint of acai berries and jojoba, is happily curling around my ears and neck and my feeble attempt at a beard is now a curious mixture of blonde, gwar and light brown that unfortunately has to go.

Today I am buying a car, a snazzy suit and some white shirts, a new razor, a decent haircut (one of them ones where they take your coat, put a black cape around you then pass you over to an 18 year old trainee who washes your hair twice with her ever massaging fingers), filling in my tax return (snigger) and will finish today with a few beers and a curry with my brother.

And a ****, at some point..
Today should be a good day, my Great Uncle's will should be paying out today, just in time for a holiday or two ^^

I've always liked you, Joker... ;-)
I had a **** this morning so thats a good start to the day...although a nice wench sucking me off would have been a hell of a lot better.
I've just received my Contract to move house.

In a few weeks I shall be rid of the chavvy inbred's on one side and the nosey ******* on the other. I shall not miss the de-facto White Van Vehicle park that my road now seems to resemble. Nor will I miss the chubby kids who think that playing footie is walking about with a ball and talk a lot about Rooney and Yuri Gagarin(?) without actually kicking the ******* thing.

I'm sure that I won't miss the way that every time I return home and reverse onto the drive, my (nosey) neighbour is out her front door, quickly sparks up a fag, and when noticing I'm there (just before asking if I've my moving date for the 15th time that week) feigns surprise in such a ham-fisted way that I'm sure she could have been the director of Holby City and Eastenders

Sadly, I won't miss the way my Chavvy neighbours, park their car right against my front garden so that every time someone has to exit/enter the passenger side they are automatically stood right in the ******* middle of it, looking in my front window just to see if I'm there, and it's not in the guise of good neighbourly cohesion as in the good ol' days of 'looking out for each other'. The main reason for such edgy parking is that they have a caravan parked on one of this two marked parking areas outside his house. Well, 'Caravan' is a loose term, white plastic skip is a more visual description, and Mrs Chavvy is so morbidly obese that she needs at least 5 feet betwen skip and car so that she can open the door wide enough to get her fat ******* frame into her suspension-stressed Citroën Picasso.

That's why today is a good day . . . . :nod:

PS. I'll miss my mate's, and neighour but one's, fit 19 yr old daughter though :twisted:
Today is shaping up to be a good day. I have got a project at work that is due to deliver out to the users on Monday next week. I have been hanging on and sweating it a bit as one of the suppliers is a bit crap (they are actually the sole importer of this particular item) but, mercy be, they are here, proofed and in their box’s, all good to go . On time and three days early, a first for MoD procurement, eh?

So, pretty dam chuffed with myself. Also, lovely Mrs T49 is away at present, so after work I can celebrate my new found success by wandering around in my shreddies eating pizza and drinking pinot grigot straight from the bottle. Classy and successful, that’s me…..
Woke up!Result!!

Sprang gaily from pit.

Prepared self for pub.

NIRVANA!! Another great day!

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