Today I saw...............................

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by needforspeed, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. Saw this on the RLC link seems like a bit of a laugh.

    Let everyone know what you saw today in your part of AGC land.

    Today I saw an AGC LCpl walk past an AGC WO1 without bracing up, and even when challenged by said Warrant he didn't seem bothered.

    The general idea is that you can air your views on how the army/agc is going and the strange things that we all witness or experience on a daily basis.
  2. yes i am not agc but today i saw you copy this from the rlc.ha ha ha laughing out loud.smiles. Can you help me please with my trades i want to be bomb disposeral but my gtis is not good yet and i think i need sps to help my thinking out so i can not be a petsop no more. do your chefs spat in the soup like in the rlc cos they have a chefs who did the spat trick and got cort and someones hasa picture with the spatty chef with his face all in the potato and gravies ha ha ha if you have the picture please to cut on the rlc board cos i would like to no who he is so i don t eat his souphope you are all happy and wells today
  3. Today I saw something that made my eyes bleed (the post above).
  4. Today I saw NFS on full gape having had his back doors smashed in by a family of pikeys. I'm going to post his colon hanging out of his hoop like a red football sock on youtube.

    I feel strangely aroused.
  5. Not really what i had in mind htb.

    Today i saw htb airtight whilst being videod for a small feature on you tube. Not sure why i was watching, yet as he i was strangely stimulated.
  6. NFS, today I saw this at a Vauxhall garage and thought of you. If it was stuck to the bodywork this would be a new champion.

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  7. Today I saw a Mil Copper trying to make out that he wasn't in the AGC. Come on.... it's been over 15 years now. Most of you have never been in any other Corps!
  8. Not only blatant plagurism by the proles but also a fine oppurtunity to mock them as I work in a unit with AGC, RMP and SASC therefore I witness their wrong doings every sigle day of my tawdry life...................I am moist with anticipation!
  9. And to think that us 'Proles' commit not only plagurism, but possibly plagiarism as well!!!

    Aren't we thick as sh*t!!!

    Go and fist yourself if your so moist, idiot...
  10. .............a camper van that was disguised as a holmes van with bumper stickers all over.
  11. .....and full of geriatrics. Stinkin of Werthers.
  12. Not forgetting the everlasting cloud of smoke coming from it, and that was just the DI
  13. A Regiment on Easter standown, yet about half a Det still in work!! :roll:

    Edited for fat fingers
  14. How very true
  15. Today i saw a dead bloke outside McDonalds on Whitehall. Not every day a shiny arrse gets to see one of them is it!!