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Discussion in 'RLC' started by General Melchett, Apr 25, 2005.

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  1. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Let everyone know what you saw today in your part of RLC land.

    Today I saw an RLC LCpl walk past an RLC Captain without saluting, and even when challenged by said officer he didn't seem bothered.

    Luckily he was bothered by a quiet word from me later. :twisted:
  2. Today I saw two SSgt AT's out running. This might not be so unusual, if it hadn't been for the fact of who they were. One of these used to have a gay icon jeep.

    Oh and I also saw the rnd of "Finding Nemo". 8O
  3. Today I saw the biggest c.o.c.k in the Corps, which I do everyday as I work with the cnut!
  4. Ford, care to elaborate? :?

    Obviously not his name, but whereabouts he works and examples of his cnut-like behaviour?
  5. He has some stiff competition for that title.

    Today I saw a delightful female RLC Capt walking down the corridor carrying a large cardboard receptacle.

    "Nice box, ma'am" I said.
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  6. Sir Rowley, I think you should keep your references about stiff c##ks to your private life.

    She did have a rather BIG box didnt She! 8O
  7. Eightyoh can vouch for the veracity of my last post, as he was taking up most of my office at the time.
  8. When I was in 6 Sup, there were a few people with the surname Cox. 3 of them were in the RHQ one day when I pipped, "Ah, a bunch of Cox".
    Had to apologise as it came out slightly not as I intended it to. 2 of them were officers. Humbly walked away then burst out laffin when I got around the corner.
  9. Nicely reminded, Baggy. Today, I was on the phone to the current ATO Holywood. We were discussing our favourite words and he said (and I quote) " I like c0ck". Nuff said.
  10. Today I saw a WO2 come up to me and ask if I was Sapper Griffis. I had to point two things, firstly I am a L/Cpl, and secondly that I was wearing an RLC capbadge!
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  11. Erm, he's dead now....
  12. Today I saw, another visiting General. Luckily my boots do fit and my mail is getting through so he left happy.
  13. How odd! I saw a General today too, but he looked a bit Cross :x and didn't ask about my boots 8O . (which is fortunate because I hadn't polished them for about 2 months! :roll: )
  14. Today i saw a Brigadier and a Wo1 Together wondering how to salute with a sword or his hand. !!
  15. I believe I may have been one of said runners; I no longer have the jeep, but today I went running with a sailor...

    When I was out running the other day, I saw a SSgt (going on WO2) driving a crappy old Metro. Apparently anything quicker may 'accidentally' fall into a ditch of it's own accord... :lol: