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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Filbert Fox, Mar 15, 2009.

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  1. A serving RAMC Officer wearing a Veterans badge!


    I asked him how come he was wearing a Veterans badge and he replied 'Because I've been to Iraq'!!! Tried explaining that you should only wear the badge once you are discharged and that is when it is sent to you.

    Wouldnt hear any of it and he bought it off ebay.

    Think he may have confused the Veterans Badge with this piece of tin:

  2. Nice touch. Glad the ebay market works for serving as well as never served. Also good to see that he was willing to listen to informed advice.
  3. was it a PQO or MSO? just out of interest??
  4. No doubt years from now he'll be turning up to the Remembrance Day parade at his local memorial, festooned in dubious medals from private firms in the 'has your service been recognised?' vein....

  5. MSO

  6. young, dumb and full of cum!!!
  7. Probably why when his unit held a veterans day BBQ last year they didnt actually invite any of the 5 ex-RAMC that work on the camp. They see themselves as the veterans.
  8. Friggin' priceless :D