Today I saw(Apologies to the RLC)...

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ironrations, Oct 3, 2005.

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  1. Well it might work. So I stole it.

    A WO1, and he looked too young, so I saluted him, and looked a d1ck.

    Anyone do any better?
  2. saluted another fullscrew because he had a briefcase top that
  3. Don't worry - get yourself a mountain bike - everyone seems to be saluting people who ride around on bikes at the moment...
  4. Smooje can beat that remember the time you rocked one up to the guy in the shade carrying a big stick
  5. he was a sgt walking out of the sun carrying a pick elf like a pace stick so i braced up not saluted you crack on saluting sgt majors if you want fella. mlar

    cpl is lower anyway, so stop posting when drunk knobhead
  6. Our squad of full screws gave an eyes right to a Siggie because the lad marching us is blind.
  7. Smooj?
  8. No, he was too busy explaining why he got thrown off the CO's parade while our excitment was unfolding
  9. Turtle's head? 8O
  10. I have absolutely no recollection of writing this. it does appear to be b ollocks doesnt itin the future lets keep the idiot away from the PC.
  11. I once saw a full screw Signaller salute a Sapper from 9 (para) Sqn RE. Apparently full screw couldnt see any rank, so just to make sure.....

  12. All you need to know about warrants

    So this puts me in mind of that long winded thread by the Septic WO 1 who wanted to be saluted...despite everyone telling him just how it is over here..all we needed to do was send him over to the Signals forum. He could have all the saluting he wants. Maybe I should PM him. :D
  13. I once got a b ollocking off a young 2nd leftenant because after taking over orderly Corporal i was walking to work past him saluted him and got b ollocked because the Orderly Corporal earlier hadn't saluted him. The dumb barsteward assumed because i had the sash i was the same person.
  14. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Better not let him near an Orange parade, that'd confuse the hell out of him! :lol:
  15. I saluted an officer once in 8 sigs, no problem there you think, I was dressed in civvies at the time I didnt half get some stick.