Today I have been.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by No_Duff, Nov 1, 2010.

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  1. Today I have been mostly fucked off with a Superintendent who thinks I'm a danger to public safety and the peace.
  2. thanks for that
  3. No shit? Very illuminating.
  4. My pleasure
  5. If you glue the safety catch into the S position, you won't keep having these little accidents.
  6. I've been mainly eating crisps.
  7. ive been mainly happy, however,,
  8. Interesting...

    WHY does the Superintendo think you are a danger to 'public safety and the peace'

    You didn't refuse to valet his beemer did you???? that's you fucked
  9. It wasn't something to do with,something like a Brazilian electrician and the over enthusiastic use of a hand gun was it?
  10. So what's on for tomorrow? Today sounds like a bit of a dead loss.
  11. He's got a point - trying to clean a windscreen before the lights change on a busy junction is a danger to public safety.
  12. When you retire for the night, try dreaming of something pleasant such as removing the pin from your avatar and rolling it beneath the inspector's desk.

    That would teach him to say you're a menace to public safety, wouldn't it?
  13. Drinking lots of beer in the local Wetherspoons who are holding a Real Ale Festival..

    Yum Yum...

    Twas a late birthday treat :)

  14. Well fucking come on then! enlighten us!