Today I atttended an Army presentation...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by robbiedont, Apr 5, 2008.

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  1. my local recruiting office and I was shocked and appalled by the standard of others that arrived...

    Baseball caps
    Dirty jeans/trainers
    Slouching into the furniture

    One guy even fell asleep in the presentation and had to be woken up!

    I know it isn't meant to be formal, but it doesn't take much sense to dress at least a LITTLE smartly for the people that you might hope to give you a job is it?

    Or do I just expect a little too much from the yoof of today?
  2. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Dont worry they will have it beaten out of them in basic training......Oh no im thinking of the good old days.
    I weep for our once Great country!
  3. In their defence over this one once you are in there is some kind of injection you are given that makes you fall asleep the instant powerpoint is turned on.
  4. Oh granted it is really rather boring, and unreadable in places, yellow font on sand/white backgrounds isn't the easiest to read...
  5. Its not an injection, they just take you from a freezing cold area when you've been up all night and drop you in a warm room with low lighting and a charisma vacum of an officer droning on in a monotone voice for an hour. It just so the DS can beast you all for falling asleep.

  6. Then what the hell did they inject me with. :(
  7. It wasn't one of those hot meat injections was it??
  8. No they were always using the broom handle on me. :)
  9. At least you can sweep the floor at the same time.
  10. And that was just the presentation team ! :D
  11. Just shows what an excellent job the training NCOs do to turn this shower of sh1t into fine upright soldiers of Her Majesty
  12. “People talk of their enlisting from their fine military feeling — all stuff — no such thing. Some of our men enlist from having got bastard children — some for minor offences — many more for drink; but you can hardly conceive such a set brought together, and it really is wonderful that we should have made them the fine fellows they are.”