Today at walmart

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jumpinjarhead, Aug 22, 2012.

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  2. You look good!
  3. Do people go to other supermarkets in top hats, frock coats, ballgowns etc, then?

    If you said that the photo was taken in the car park of pretty much any British supermarket, I doubt many on here would disbelieve you.
  4. I do hope that's not mixed dress with issued boots on the left!

    I would enlarge it to clarify but my eyes are hurting as it is.
  5. Walmart seems to be unique with the weirdos it attracts.
  6. My dear sir--I have been married 40 years (38 happily) and the chain of command is rigidly fixed as well as the respective duties of yours truly that include among other things, the Walmart run. You must understand that we live but 30 miles from the location used for Deliverance and Walmart is the epitome of urbane shopping (indeed given the "economic black hole" effect of Walmarts on the local "high streets" it is sadly the only option we are left with) in "these here parts" as the locals so quaintly put it.
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  7. "That" in the boots appeared to be female approximately 70 y/o with blue/pink mohawk and Native American-like braids with feathers on each shaved side of her rotund head.

    It seemed quite fitting that they used a handicapped parking space.
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  8. So these people have driving licences and presumably are also allowed to vote in elections ?
  9. Sadly yes to both.
  10. God bless (help) America, sadly you are not alone!
  11. A stark metaphor to the sunset of the "American" experiment.
  12. All that revolting in '76 ,and being shot at by my great great grandad in his easy to hit red coat and you end with the wallmart comedy customer citizenship. I once had occasion to visit Winn (?) Dixie in a KY town and the bloke at the checkout worked out i wasn't a local , he said "Where do you come from ? " i said "England" he said "Did you drive here ?" i said "no , you can drive from New England but not old England " his slightly brighter colleague then pointed out to him that there was an ocean between us. So Winn Dixie have comedy staff and no doubt clients as well.
  13. Winn Dixie denizens are a cut above the average Walmartians.
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  14. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Lasted longer than the Darien one, but results could be similar!