Does anyone here play by any chance?
Or know where new scenarios are to be had, as most of the google linked ones appear to be knackered
I would be very interested in acquiring a copy or dowload of TOAW2 if anyone can point me in the right direction? It was a great game, well past due a sequel with updated graphics and a scenario editor that a bit more user friendly, I used to play a lot, liked the 1968 Soviets vs China scenario, and 1984 NATO vs Warsaw Pact...


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The Operational Art Of War

originally designed by Norm Koger
now Toad have it

I'm on Version 3
you can either play classic or new version and its ok with XP, don't know if its any good on Vista though
Any links to where I can buy/download it mick_sterbs? been a few years, lost my old copy and would like to get back into it...
Got a copy of century of Warfare this morning, thanks to a very helpful individual, many thanks you know who you are ;-)!
Been enjoying a weekend of this, good stuff! Won The Battle of Kursk '43 as the russkies, defeated Soviet Invasion of West Germany in both 1945 and 1984, defeated a North Korean invasion of the South (my amphibious Counteroffensive taking Pyongyang), and defended China from a hypothetical russian invasion set in 2000, top stuff! Getting on Scenario editor to expand the 1945 Soviet invasion senario to have the whole of western europe with all the western allied and soviet forces, going to move 8th Army north from Italy to join 21st Army group and see if Monty can stop Koniev taking nort-west Europe whilst the Spams take on Zhukov and Rokossovsky further south...

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