Toasted relay

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Nov 3, 2007.

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  1. Own up who's relay was this?

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  2. Or this

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  3. Cow

    Cow LE

    Top one looks like the genes have gone up, where'd you get the pics from?
  4. Probably, the Operators haven't put the additive in the benz......
  5. I was on the scene just after the fire brigade turned out to sort that relay out.........

    I know the full story and nobody was trying to act like a rally driver on the south-side of the plain causing the relay to roll about 4 times - honest….!!

    ....and there definitely wasn’t shite-loads of benz in the cage - honest guv....
  6. Is that a ghostly face staring out from the hole in the box....?

    Was it on RSIT, because I can pick out a couple of A jobs straight away....
  7. The only thing salvaged out of the Relay was the Crypto and the Det Comd's porn what fell out of the safe with it!!!
  8. Wooah there big fella that is an excellent det that has been well presented, the det comd should be congratulated for his outstanding work.

    I bet you were on the RSIT once upon a time weren't you?

  9. I think I got those gennys :p

    Interesting that the wheels aren't a big blob of melted rubber
  10. Looks Battleworthy to me.

    Did te crew fight the fire with the issued extinguishers?
  11. 3 Div?? May want to ask scam12 about this one.

    I recall seeing a picture of him and his crew proudly posing on a track as a relay merrily burns in the background with the fire service in attendance.
  12. How DARE you?
  13. Look at the state of that bloke on the stuck relay near the back. He doesnt give a f**k, its raining.
    Thank god hes switched on enough to put his hood up.
  14. Do you think the seals on the SCAM12's will be OK?!?!?
    Love the way one is just dumped half in and half out of the cab - MTO would go spare......
  15. Well that is one thing the Techs don't have to worry about to get the RR back up and running. :D