Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by maguire, Aug 7, 2009.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    does anyone else pull the green bits off a loaf and whack it in the toaster at the end of the week?
    or am I just a skeggy tightfisted b@stard who wont go to the shops enough? :(
  2. You pull the green bits off...puff :D

    Just think of all that penicilin you are throwing away.

  3. Even the sight of bits of green fur on bread - the merest hint of it - and I'm likely to hurl!

    so you are
  4. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    seeing as you're now a bird though, does your opinion count in this matter? ;)

    I mean, if that makes you hurl, you probably wont like me scraping off me tagnuts with the butter knife either. (and then leaving it on the breadboard without washing it....) :)
  5. I only give the wife the toasted ones with the green bits on.
  6. Does anyonelse knock the weevils out of their hardtack before eating like I do?
  7. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    well, it is the lesser of two weevils after all.
  8. Nah, probably not... Thank God for Freezers (so there is always fresh bread in a Toasting Emergency). Oh, and for Dishwashers to cleans that butterknife!
  9. You really have taken to that 'Master and Commander' movie haven't you? :D
  10. Sombody needs to start a new thread. Does "Squeamish tosser of the week" sound like a good title?
  11. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    right... now get in the kitchen and put the kettle on! ;)
  12. Well, you know I won't skiff the mug, but I can piss in it...
  13. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    cool... I've usually got to pay for that sort of carry on. ahem. :(
  14. Lomas, you don't have to go that far back.
  15. I never mentioned it being free of charge did I?