Toast music - any ideas

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by thestiffestone, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. Does anybody out there have any idea what the music is called that accompanies the King of Nepals toast......

    We have a regt dinner night and nobody seems to have a clue, not even the Gurkhas,

  2. Toast Music........i cant believe its not butter theme tune
  3. sod the music it just distracts from the drinking
  4. Try asking here.
  5. The song, called 'toast', reached number 18 in the UK charts in 1978. It was released by the group 'Streetband' headed by Paul 'Bahadur' Young during his Gurkha period. Paul subsequently left the band to follow a solo career releasing the LP 'No Parlez' which included the Marvin Gaye cover, 'Wherever I Lay My Hat'.
  6. Didnt the King of nepal slot his entire family?

    Perhaps "Killer on The loose" by Thin Lizzy would be appropriate?
  7. Horst Wessel.
  8. Have you contacted Royal Military School Of Music @ Kneller Hall Twickenham tel 020 8744 8650 they should know or the Nepalese embassy.

    Good luck.
  9. Lovely,

    Or perhaps i could try and get Douglas (Lurpak) geezer to give us a few notes from his trumpet if penelope keith will let him......
  10. Fair one, wasn't gonna argue with the GSM though!

    Big trainset, no piece of track belonging to me.....
  11. Cheers E-Layer, Thats the National Anthem i think which you would think would be the correct one to play but apparently not. Its a piped tune i think and is starting to be a pain in the arse.
  12. Trombone mate. The clue's in the length.
  13. StiffeStone

    I have toasted the King of Nepal in many a dinner night and never heard pipes. The national anthem as mentioned earlier should suffice, HQ Bde of Gurkhas will give you the best advice, give them a call.

    Failing that Gurkha Adjutant, Queen's Gurkha Signals at 30 Sig Regt will be able to sort you out.

    Jai Gurkha