Toast Conundrum

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Proximo, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. So anyway, I find myself with a spare few admin minutes and thought I'd make some toast. Following a discussion during 'tea and toast' the other day, I thought I'd throw this open to you all. Plus it's midweek and I'm bored of leave already.

    Here is my toast - the question is 'Which way to cut it?'


    Option 1 or Option 2?

  2. Number 2 if with a Female friend and number 1 in the mess pmsl
  3. Number 1, anything else is just weird and possibly gay.
  4. 2,no questions asked.
  5. Number 2 if with a Female friend and number 1 in the mess pmsl
  6. Number 2 if with a Female friend and number 1 in the mess pmsl
  7. Someone has just suggested a third intriguing option: vertically.

    Now that's just sick.

    I'm off the opinion that Option 2 tastes nicer, but only with butter.
  8. If you plan for some reason to dunk in your tea cut it option 2 for dunking effectivness and easier ediblity and if you have more than 1 slice it looks more ally and posh if you stack them option 2's way, but now i look option 1 has a traditional yet suarve charm to it and could improve optional taste with the topping you plan to put on it since their is a bigger non crust area which might be more alluring to your sense.
    But thats just what i think anyway Option 2 i would reccomend.

  9. No.1 if your just want something to eat.

    No.2 if your trying to impress a lady, run a hotel or if its just for you a bit gay.
  10. The vertical slice option was noticeable by it's abscence but it would be only used by attention seeking mongs.
  11. I do agee wth the previous protocols, but also:

    If you're having something like marmite, peanut butter or sandwich spread on it .... then option 1.

    If you're having jam or marmalade ..... then option 2.
  12. Why bother cutting it, just shove it down your neck

    If we must:
    White toast 1
    Brown toast 2

    or is that toastist??
  13. No.2 is bi-curious actually. Cutting off the crusts is full on, hard core, bash my hoop G.A.Y.
  14. err...what about dippy in the egg toast soldiers....surely an option 4????
  15. That's not a directional cut option but a serving suggestion. It's all starting to get a bit complicated.