"To your duties......fall out!!"

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by regular_imbiber, Oct 7, 2010.

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  1. Every time I hear this I cringe. I'm no drill-pig (ex-RP mind you) so I'm not 100% sure but I dont believe the above command is correct.

    In fact I reckon this spawned from someone watching the comrade firemen on "London's Burning" a few years ago and then tried it out on a Monday morning muster parade,got away with it and its mushroomed from there.

    Surely a simple "Fall out!" would suffice?
  2. I remember this in the mid eighties before London's Burning was even about, so can't come from there.
  3. terroratthepicnic

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    Wouldn't a simple 'FALL OUT' be telling the lads that they have finished for the day. But 'TO YOU DUTIES, FALL OUT,' tells them to get to work.
  4. London's Burning started in 86 so its still a possibility.........
  5. I'm talking 84/85
  6. I can certainly remember it from basic in 1980 (Shudders)
  7. Same here, at guard mounting, Sqn parades etc
  8. I remember it from 1968. And once I got beyond the dizzy heights of L/cpl, I had occasion to use the immortal words myself. There are lots of variations: To the gym, fall out, medical centre etc., to your positions, to your vehicles and so on.
  9. Fair enough,I cant compete with 1980.Its only 1987 for me.

    Theres something about it that really grips my shit though; probably the fireman/London's Burning thing :rage:
  10. Heard it in training in 1963, and used it quite often as well as phrases insread of your duties
  11. Fall out = finished go away
    To your duties fall out = I’ve finished inspecting/briefing you, now get on with whatever it is your supposed to be doing (piquet, first parade etc) .
  12. I've always been led to believe that 'Dismiss' was "finished with you sod off"
  13. "DISMISS!" = That's it for today, lads. See you at 08:00 tomorrow.
    "FALL OUT!" = You can break ranks now. (Follows an instruction as to what the blokes have to do after falling out, e.g. "When I give you fall out, bimble across to the NAAFI wagon, grab a tea and wait here until I fall you back in again").
    "To your duties, FALL OUT!" = You've been assigned jobs, get on with them. Unless another parade has been detailed, I'll see you tomorrow at 08:00.

    And London's Burning's wording given to the paramilitary water squirters was "FOR your duties..." Doesn't make any sense at all.
  14. I seem to remember some hangers-on from WW2 (in the 1970s) saying that what happened on the command "dismiss" was in Queen's Regulations. Just had a look on the web for said QRs just now, but could not find any free downloads via Google.
  15. You can download QRs through ArmyNet. I'm not going to bother looking because I doubt that it would be in, given that it's a drill movement.