To YIM: Re. Garmin 60Csx mapping GPS

YIM, I just upgraded my GPS gear and have a spare GPS as per thread title. I tried to send you a PM, but couldn't post a pic of the item. Anyway if you want to auction it for the cause, its in used (2 years old - some of the lettering is worn off a couple of the buttons), but perfect working order. I have used it in Honkers, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, UK and Peru. If I can be arrsed I will load a set of UK maps on it (if I can find them).

If you can get a few bob for it for the lads, fill yer boots. It cost me 350 quid new, but they are now about 200 quid.

What a great item !! :thumright:
Thank you very much for it, eodmatt. :)

It's probably too late to do another quickie ... there aren't a lot of ARRSErs around during the weekends.
And if we let it run at least for two 'busy days' then it's Tuesday evening and from all I know about the Snail Mail it will never make it to the winning bidder before Christmas.

Perhaps it would be better to leave it for the next 'auction batch' - which will take place end of January.
Would that be ok with you ?
At least it would give you a cpl weeks to find those maps ... if you can be ARRSEd to search for them. ;-)

Just let me know what you think.

And a big thank you again. :)
No worries. However I will not be in country after the first few days in January, thank ****. So pm me an address to send it to and I'll stick it in a jiffy bag and send it to you registered mail on Monday. If I can find the UK map file I will load it onto the gadget before sending it and I have a MapSource CD that can go with it too.


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I'll look out for this at the Post Office later in the week, eodmatt. Thank you for a very generous donation.

Mr. Tick, I hope your tongue is firmly in your cheek there. YIM is going to auction this item in our next batch of auctions, at the end of January!


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eodmatt the parcel arrived safely at my house this morning. The posties are well-trained and know that 'Hols' mail is for me.

Many thanks for such a generous donation.
All, I shall be auctioning this excellent item shortly. With many thanks to eodmatt.

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