To what extent have BRITFOR breached the Geneva Convention?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. Or, indeed - have BRTIFOR breached the Geneva Convention?

    Today's Independent leads with the photograph below and write up as below.


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  2. Wahey, here we go again. More drivel with less substance than a Gordon Brown policy statement.
  3. Everything is clearer with 20/20 hindsight.
    If these bleeding heart liberals had been there,would their opinion be different?
  4. Surely the civillian police handcuff detainees behind the back for their own protection? In a conflict situation, where death and seriuos injury are highly possible, what is the problem with hooding providing it is done only for personal protection? It also protects them I would have thought, making them compiant and easily controlled in a situation where guns are bristling.

    Another attack on the soldiers I think - fed up of hearing them.
  5. Soldiers have got to stop taking "happy snaps" because the enemy and the bedwetting liberals will use the pics against us.

    The bedwetting liberals don't ever mention the treatment and real torture handed out by the enemy do they.
  6. everybody has to make a living I suppose!
  7. According to the Indie these insurgents had been taken during an attempted ambush on UK forces, so in that light they seem to be getting treated pretty well to me. What do the media expect our blokes to be doing, handing out Lam Bams and sweet brews to the poor dears?

    Sections of the left leaning media have really got their crusties in a twist over the positive coverage of the army recently and are spitefully trying to reassure their core readership that soldiers are in fact the evil swine they always suspected.
  9. Our security guards recently forcibly restrained a guy on the reception floor and bloody glad for it we were too. I imagine the compo claim is already inbound so better cancel the new CAT scanner and slash next years budget.
  10. No doubt Mr Shiner will be rubbing "its" hands with glee at this point thinking about future claims/fee's, the tosser!
  11. Just because the men on the ground are in civilian clothes and currently unarmed does not make them civilians. Surely, if they were captured during an attempted ambush, does this not make them unlawful combatants in violation of International Law, and therefore no longer subject to the Geneva Conventions.

    And whilst on the subject of Geneva Conventions, I have read it several times and still cannot find the section that states that its ok to behead a prisoner and post the film on the internet.

    I demand that Shiner do his research properly and meet with the insurgents to discuss their actions. Hell I'll even pay for his ticket to Baghdad, and back, if he lives that long.
  12. Not just our police, handcuffing behind the back and hooding of suspects, in particular those suspected of terrorism and or organised crime, seems SOP. People suspected of violent crime have to be rendered harmless, any thing else is inviting more violence.
  13. Maybe next time we should just shoot the feckers out in the field, rather than take prisoners. It seems less likely to cause problems in the future.
  14. Do you really expect any less from The Independant? A leftie, tree hugging paper such as The Independant loves photos like this and will publish them without any research into what actually happened before the photo was taken. What a non story; soldiers handcuff and restraint suspected insurgents and have an armed guard watching over them. WOW! Fair enough, perhaps the photo shouldn't have been taken but oh well.
  15. I must apologise. I am an Independent reader, and so keep this newspaper going.

    However, this story is complete and utter drivel for a specific audience.

    I also can see fcuk all wrong with what is going on in that photograph.

    Handcuffed and guarded - people who have just tried to ambush you. Yeah - evil ba$tards those soldiers