to walt or not to walt

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by randomgary, Aug 11, 2010.

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  1. this particular person came to the attention of arrse a number of months ago! that thread was pulled but due to mor recent BS i felt the need to re highlight this mans games

    all of the following information has been collected from the internet from public sources! i make no judgement, i will provide you with all the info and let you decide

    Mr Alec Webster is the founding member of a forces charity for PTSD

    P.T.S.D Worldwide - Helping Veterans find Peace
    now Alec claims to have been injured in an incident in Northern Ireland in a snatch landrover accident! heres where his claims begin

    he appears to have been involved in a simple accident

    P.T.S.D Worldwide - Non-Profit organisation helping war veterans with PTSD

    or was it a sniper shooting out his front wheel

    £3.5m to help our stressed veterans | The Sun |News|Campaigns|Our Boys

    or was it an IED?

    BBC News - Hundreds call post traumatic stress disorder helpline

    Now for the part that makes me sick! Alec claims to have been on patrol in Afghanistan in 2002 when a RPG stuck his vehicle killing 3 of his good friends! an extreamly sad story

    BBC News - MoD 'fails' traumatised soldiers

    Soldier scarred by battle to help fellow servicemen recover - Herald Scotland

    now for the truth! there was 3 service personell killed Total in Afghanistan 2002! in two seperate incidents!

    Afghanistan Roll of Honour: UK

    This man appears to be milking the British publics support of our troops! hes made numourous allegations that hold no substance, and he continuously contradicts himself!
    A number of people (myself included) have asked alec to clarify his claims. He is continously evasive and never gives any answers!
    Some claim he wears medals hes not entitled too
  2. Perhaps der Waltenkommando would like a word. Not that I am part of that august body of folks. Too fat, auld and ugly.

  3. In that case pass whatever info you have onto the plod. If he's collecting money he's not Walting he's a ******* criminal
  4. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    IF, the money raised is 100% going to the charity to assists PTSD sufferers, who cares how the stories change? IF, he is taking a slice for himself, then he is a ****! End of IMO
  5. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    If he is collecting money under false pretences, that is a criminal offence called fraud, and the details should be carefully collected and passed to the police - in such a manner that the police actually have to do something as they are notoriously work-averse. This could mean asking one's MP to ask the Home Secretary to ensure the report is followed up.
  6. Randomgary: simplest and easiest solution is to ring up the Charities Commission and express yr concern and give them all the details. In my expereince they are very, very, hot on these matters.
    I am te Secretary of a military charity so I will certainly distribute this info to all my charity colleagues etc.

    Pse keep us informed (if you do follow up).
  7. Holy Jesus, I'd take another six months in a PB using just a black widow catapult if that ******* disgraceful excuse for a woman was waiting for me at home....Gemmas service injury hasnt seemed to have affected her ability to triple stack double whoppers and fit them in sideways on an evidently regular basis
  8. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Funny enough, I got an E Mail from HMG this morning in answer to my signing the "Stolen Valour" petition and it states that this bloke could be probably be done under the Fraud act
  9. well ive also been in touch with the director/ treasurer of ptsd (i believe ptsd have distanced themselfs) and she is off the opinion that hes completly truthfull and his actions are honourable. She appears not to acknowledge any of the links to his numourous claims. blinded by friendship i presume!

    truth is Alec founded this charity using these alligations! he critisised the Army over his treatement after these events to promote this organisation! he presented himself to the audience and now he will not answer them!
  10. I was all over this guy for a bit on Facebook and his website, until he blocked and banned me for having the audacity to question him.

    To cut a long story short, he is talking right out of his ass. The incidents he talks of being involved in are fraudulent. The RPG attack dates he gave for when his muckas got zapped are made up (there were no multiple deaths in the month he gave me and he gave me made up names for the people who died (I cross checked them on the casualties list by both name and date).

    I asked a series of questions, mainly along the lines of:

    Who mans the phones that counsel people?

    What qualifications do they hold?

    Why is your system better than that provided by the MOD?

    How much does it cost?

    I see you recently raised 15k with sponsered parachute jumping, what has been done with that money?
    *Answer* we are waiting until we have enough money to make a difference - Wouldnt say how much that amount was though.

    I have a complete set of pictures (taken from the public domain before he realised he was in the shit) showing him wearing, amongst others.... an LSGC medal and wearing the wrong regimental (Mess kit-bizarre) for his wedding. To be noted is that there wasnt a single other serving soldier at his wedding.

    The man is a charlatan and a fraud. I dont know if he ACTUALLY has PTSD, I am not qualified to comment so I wont. I am 100% he is making up swathes of his military service and achievements and if he is lying about something so basic I can only imagine what else he has lied about.

    I will stick some pics on here later as they are stashed somewhere on my hard drive along with all the Bob Spour pictures.
  11. The Charities Commission claims never to have heard of this fellow.
  12. Hes down as the founder! from their site

    "I am pleased to inform you that PTSD Worldwide has now been formed as a Limited by Guarantee Company (non- profit). just waiting charity sta"
  13. Doesn't actually claim charity status, just says he's waiting for it (and doesn't even claim to have applied). He may wait a long time.

    I was interested enough by this thread to give them a call, according to them there is no reference to PTSD Worldwide in their system.
  14. A number of charities have distanced themselves from him after questions were raised and his apparent refusal to answer them

    Anyone have his Regtl Number? He refused to give it me.

    These things are VERY easily checked.
  15. This is disgraceful! Good work at tracking down this cnut. I hope you have saved the various contradictory web pages as I bet he changes them once he realises the game is up.

    Apart from the different stories and the fake medals etc. If his injuries were that serious ie nearly losing a leg and having ongoing operations on his back would he seriously have got back in to the TA and then been medically cleared to go back on tour on active operations?

    I don't think so.

    If he was suffering from PTSD that would be on his medical records also, very unlikely you would be allowed to join TA or rejoin regs if you are actively suffering from PTSD