To (V) or not to (V), that is the question...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Humphrey_De_Tiluel, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. question for the DW spotters out there...

    I hear on the grapevine that offrs of the R Signals (Volunteers) no longer put a (V) at the end of their name in signature blocks etc.

    Is this policy for all TA or just the bleeps? if for all anyone know when the info was diseminated (sp?) and was it done via DCI or other means?
  2. HDT

    The (V) was dropped nearly 12 months ago TA wide as far as I,m aware,
    all to do with one army and that !.
    I can confirm that my unit has dropped it completely.

  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Yes, can confirm it was officially abandoned some time ago - at least a year.

    It's probably a 'thank you' for supply x,000 Volunteers for TELIC nad HERRICK - about the only thanks we'll get :)
  4. The correct procedure is to put (V) after unit tieles but not after officers' names.


    Maj F Snodgrass TD RLC
    xxx Regt RLC (V)

    Hope this helps!
  5. I'm not sure that is universal, increasingly I am happy to shove RA (V) as mark of pride, and not hide the fact one is TA.
  6. I could never understand why it was, e.g., Capt D R Opshot RA(V) and not Capt(V) D R Opshot RA.

    Personally I think it is disgusting, divisive and detrimental to an effective chain of command (assuming that TA Officers are actually integrated to the TA CoC for any purpose other than OJAR/CR completion purposes) and is certainly not repeated in, e.g. Honours Lists.

    Anything definitive on whether yay or nay to the (V) would be helpful - as far as I can make out it was only ever an unofficial convention in the first place.
  7. Did the (V) disappear as soon as compulsory mobilisation began?
  8. Very interestingly this element was debated in great length 5 years ago particularly why and when (V) was first used/introduced.

    The practice was in general use throughout the war (2nd world one) and up to 1960's in the old TAVR Regulations, when we used to have TA, VR, Reservists, Auxillaries etc in order to distinguish between each. That finished in 1967 and the requirement to use (V) at the end of individuals names eg Maj Snodgrass RLC (V) is no longer listed anywhere - it is not in TA Regulations nor in AGAIs or AGC Admin Instrs! Indeed I have seen a letter from HQ AG confirming that some years ago. Today it is just common practice to distinguish between regular and TA by using (V) after names. I bet you will not find it listed anywhere in your Arm/Service Policy Directives!

    The Commission signed by the Queen makes no reference to it either. It states that she is appointing you to be a 2Lt (or Capt for LE) in her Land Forces and in the bottom left corner it states your name and Corps/Regt with no (Volunteers) etc. As far as I am concerned the Queen can not possibly be wrong as it is her Army and on that basis that must be the authority as to why it is not used after names!

    As far as dropping (V) from unit titles, RSignals units were told that they could drop theirs last year and many have done so. Other units across the TA were told likewise. Whether that was official or not is another matter but hey does it really matter? Most people know the numbering sequences etc. SF dropped (V) for 'R'. Yeomanry units should never have used (V) as by default if they were Yeomanry they were TA.
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Sorry MC but mine does!
  10. I always preferred Cuddles RA(V) to Cuddles RA(TA). It had a nice did Cuddles R SIGNALS(V) for the brief period following options that I re-badged...
  11. Abacus, my (V) is a badge of pride. I'm doing this as well as everything else, 84 days last year on top of another (supposedly 8O) full-time job. I am paying the Crown an extra set of income tax. I am, in a demo-polis type way, the very definition of a 'citizen'.

    During both wars the (V) or it's equivalent was maintained by the reserves as a distinction between them and those who had been compulsorily mobilised from civilian life.

    There is, somewhere, a cartoon of a YO walking his lady past the gates of the Citadel in Plymouth: the lady is looking at 29's Regimental Sign. A copy used to hang in the officers' mess at 289 to which had been appended the conversation between the two characters;

    She: What? No (V)?
    He: Oh, no. They're just the guys who run the regiment during peace time.

    Morechanges, I have to agree with The_Duke; my commission clearly has (Volunteers), in the bottom left hand corner. As I am reminded every time I sit down in private at home and stare at the wall...
  12. msr

    msr LE

    After a quick trip to the downstairs loo, I find that mine does too.

  13. Glad we understand one another...
  14. A Warrant Officers scroll also has "(Volunteers)" after the Corps.