To uni or not to uni? that is the question

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by SGTsaladfingers, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. ok, so heres the deal. im completing a BTEC national diploma in sport science. I have applied to three trades, being: air tech, VM and RE electrician. The thing is, im worried that if i chose to leave after say, 4 years, will i be able to have something to fall back on. I am wondering if i go to uni first,i can always come out with a degree and not have to worry when i leave the forces. I just dont know if i could be bother with three more years though to be honest.

    Also, are there opportunities to gain a degree in sport science through the army, and if so how long would it take.

    Any opinions or advice are welcome.

  2. anyone? lol
  3. I currently have the pleasure of being at uni and i must highly recommend it a 3 yr long party definetly worth it, plus you can join the army after and get a bit of experiance in the TA will at uni.

    oh and a degree isnt going to get u a job, lots of graduates especially now are doing barwork and such.
  4. Degrees aren't everything. Many on here with degrees can't imagine being without one, and many without one can't imagine why you'd ever need one. I can't answer for you really, I left school with bugger all worth speaking of, joined at 16 and left after 12 years. I now pull in 6 figures, write a magazine column, and spend my days avoiding people who want to give me large sums of money, but I would not be in this fortunate situation if it was not for the experience and motivation the army gave me.
    TBH, do what 'feel' right for you. I work in education and it distresses me to see so many people pushed into the college-university route because the education system knows no other way. Me? I'd do it all again (if I could have my origional waist-line and level of fitness back again please!) and love every minute.

    <edited many times due to drunken mis-spelling>
  5. I'll give it a go.
    I'm glad I took my shot at going to university. I learned a lot, had a whale of a time and got a qualification too. But the degree is, IMO, just another bit of paper to show the man at McDonalds when it comes down to it.
    If you go in now you'll have four(ish) years of a trade which you could use when you've done plus any resettlement help the Army can give you. You could even get a degree when you come out and take it from there.

    Just a civvys 2p.
  6. I did that route and regret not having four years of Uni "lifestyle" prior to going in. Getting it once you leave usually means part time degree and full time work, which is a hard grind. An alternative is to do your degree with the OU whilst in the army - as its modular you just take it at your own pace and will shorten you post service degree, that is if you decide to leave.
  7. Mate, your making the classic mistake of thinking that uni is just another 3 years of work, how many times have i heard peole say 'i should get a degree but can't be bothered with the 3 years' etc, the degree is NOT what uni is about, its an end product of the best 3 years of your life, its all parties, socialising, sports, mates, trips, and more parties, its a life experience, youll grow up, learn how to look after yourself and occasionaly do some study. UNI IS NOT SCHOOL!!!
  8. But, all else being equal, not having one is going to put you further back in the queue.
  9. Really? It all depends on what YOU want to do with YOUR life, not what someone who knows no different says. I did well without, another friend left and went into project management in the city. If you want a high powered CEO type job then I suggest you go into sales and marketing (lots of money for the very competent (or in the case of the banking sector the incompetent) there).
    I sit on many job panels and to be frank a degree counts for little unless it is in a high technology field. Sports management? Don't make me laugh.
    I'll agree that there are certain areas where degrees are essential, and these are often the hardest science based ones. As for the previous posters comment about it being the best 3 years of their life, I'll bet I did more parties, travelled more and more importantly got paid more in my first 3 years in the army than any student ever would!
  10. Keep up Speedy. I caveated my last post with the phrase "all else being equal" in anticipation of your comments!! :D

    I too pished up 3 years instead of going to University. I did a tour of Belfast and a couple of years in BAOR, met my wife and had a great time. I regret now not finding the time to squeeze in time to do a Law degree or someting equally useful, instead of leaving it till the end of my 4th decade before tertiary education.

    So I agree to a certain extent with you, but I would urge anyone to get themselves educated whenever they can.
  11. It used to be the case that many employers were quite happy with almost any degree, but as life has moved on and become more and more specialised most employers now look for people with degrees that inidicate the prospective employee knows something about the job they are applying for. So my advice would eb to do a degree only if that degree is going to help you either in the services or with a job when you leave, otherwise it is really likely to be wasted though enjoyable time.

    In most work areas getting in never mind getting on requires some form of real qualification
  12. Oh dear Rhos.

    You are clearly not studying anything worthwhile are you ? If you were reading engineering, science, medicine........the lifestyle you describe is not possible.

    As to these "skills" you are learning - growing up and how to look after yourself they aren't exactly challenging are they ?

    You are in for a big bad shock when you leave your second rate new university - Mc D's aren't recruiting anymore.
  13. i did 3 years of uni, travelled around india and nepal for a year and am now joining the army as a squaddie so if what you guys say is true ill have another 3 years of getting pished up so ill be getting best of both worlds. Im not saying uni is for everyone all im saying is dont look at it like its school again for 3 years because it is not, its an amazing experience!
  14. wot woz u stuiing then - englosh?
  15. I actually studied History in one of the top history uni's in britain if you must know, but unlike you who i gather was one of the spotty virgins in the front of every lecture with their tape recorders on, i actually had a life, and i may not have had the best result in the end due to late essays and missed lectures, i had a damn good time doing it! Im sure the subjects you talk of take more time but **** me did you go to uni and not enjoy? if so its only your fault! I lived with a guy who did microbiology, biggest pishhead around and not a bad student!