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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by SilsoeSid, Jul 18, 2006.

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  1. To delete threads without a word or even a pm is a verysmall minded thing to do.
    Yes you moved the Israeli Nuke thread to the ARRSE Hole, but to delete the other is under hand.

    Hide like the weak little worm you are!
  2. Oh, the indignation!! :eek:
  3. you need to get a life. get used to it i have had it done to me.
    so go fcuk yourself.
  4. Dear Sid,

    Shut up you tedious little man. Yout post was sent to the Arrsehole because not only was it in the wrong forum, it was an utter waste of bandwidth but probably utterly hilarious on Planet Sid , which tells me you've been standing too close to the turbine fumes again.

    Your next little tantrum got the golden shot, because obviously , you couldn't see why such a masterpiece was consigned to the Arrsehole in the first place. If you couldn't see it, why was I going to waste the time explaining it to you?

    I think you'd be better qualified to post in the word association thread, it's about your mark.

    Now shut up , you bore me.
  5. How are you still without an O2T tag?

    SiloeSid, there was a thread not long ago started by Steven after a thread some of us had been writing on was removed. Canteen_Cowboy, gave an explanation that there is normally good reason for a thread being removed, and the Mods are generally too busy to inform those who were commenting on the threads.
  6. Good grief man - it's only the bloody internet. Now, repeat after me...

  7. I thought it was funny. Certainly a headline grabber!

    Sid then posted some useful facts on Israel and Nooks. Certainly Current Affairs surely?
  8. Thank you for explaining Part Time Pongo.

    Nice to see that as a Mod, you set an example of the standards that we are expected to maintain on this site.

    With best wishes,

  9. No, it was my 10.000th post, so it was special just for you Sid :D
  10. I had a thread moved yesterday regarding the posting of a CPS public statement. Before I posted it I knew it was not infringing copyright. However the Moderator knows best!!.

    I received this reply from the CPS this morning:

    We do not assert copyright over our public statements. We are happy to let people post our public statements on forums. However we are always interested to know the public's opnion.

    I rest my case.
  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Your tenth post - so you still havce a lot to learn :wink: :lol:
  12. Funnily enough, I had a perfectly good post deleted just the other day. It was certainly more relevant to a lot of posts in the thread (muslim integration to the UK) & also contained links to an Islamic website to highlight their views & also rather crap stereotypes of Muslims.

    I wouldn't have minded so much but is was my first bloody post on here. 8O
  13. Mod's are only human. Sometimes they remove stuff in order to avoid grief, other times they do it out of spite. I've had stuff moved to the arrse hole for no good reason when similar and worse stuff has stayed put in the Naafi but it doesn't bother me SS, so don't let it bother you. Being one of the Mod's on Rumration, I know only too well what it can be like to carry out a Mod's duties. (see here & here for examples!!!). The OAP's are livid with some of my comments! I mean, some of them even think I'm a Pongo-how low below the belt is that??? :cry:

    I am upset though over whatever Mod's idea it was to remove the picture I posted in the 'How old is too old thread?' yesterday. I mean she was a fine specimen. Oh, ok, maybe she was the wrong side of 70, but you know you would! :D
  14. You poor thing. Have you tried the Samaritans?
  15. Blimey Legs! Every time I see your avatar, I sort of become all uncomfortable and start looking for loose change in my pockets! :oops: It brings back memories of a turkish belly dancer, who was to become my bank emptier for services rendered! She had the most wonderful pert arse and the longest legs in Regina street! Sometimes I wonder what she must look like now, well it was about 30 odd years ago in Cyprus! 8O Her arse probably looks like mine now! :x